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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Boerne, Texas on 1990-10-15 19:15:00 - Extremely large spade shaped craft scanning hill top with bright white lights

I was returning home from a friends's house around 7pm dusk during the fall month of october. i was traveling down the access road of interstate hwy 10 between comfort and boerne, texas when i saw bright lights scanning the ground on a hilltop which i knew to be unoccupied by any residence. i first though it to be kids in 4 wheel drive pickups with bright kc lights on their roll bars, but soon learned otherwise. a large spade shaped craft flew off of the top of the hill and proceeded to follow my car. i went under an underpass to the access road on the other side of ih-10 and the craft followed me. i then drove up a small incline about 1/2 mile to a three way intersection where i stopped my car and got out. my wife was in the car but was scared to get out. i wanted to see what the craft was. the craft circled directly over the top of my car really slow but never stopped completely. i observed the craft in detail and will offer the best explanation that i can. it was very large about the size of 3 football fields, it was probably 300 to 500 feet above me, it had two bright lights on the front that it used to scan the ground on the hilltop. no other lights were present other than a blue glowing triangular platform, that protruded off of the bottom of the craft, and a light propulsion system in the back. the triangular platform looked almost like stair railings made out of florescent bulbs and there were 3 layers from the top to the bottom. imagine 3 bulbs in a triangular shape with 3 layers. this platform was underneath, closest to the rear of the craft. i am not sure if it was used for landing, transporting, or had something to do with the ability to hover. the propulsion system in the rear (at least that what i think it was) used light which got brighter once the craft eventually accelerated away. the rear of the craft had what looked like fins or rudders on a boat in which the light propulsion emitted. the surface of the craft was rough like a rock and it had many surface levels unlike something sheet metal that we would build. it had small windows, but i could not see any occupants. the feeling was as if i was in a stadium of people and i felt the presence of many people aboard the craft. it might sound crazy, but it almost looked like a tour ship of some kind just checking us out. i have tried for years to find a report or photo of a similar craft because i would like to be able to have an artist recreate the scene. if you have any knowledge of this type craft, please let me know----thanks--donald

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Credit: MUFON

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