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Friday, November 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Gilbert, Arizona on 2017-08-31 20:00:00 - Authentic crop circle on car windshield, please observe the photos attached.

This is a report of a small crop circle that appeared on my mothers windshield in september. the mandala object is about half a foot in diameter and perfect in form, the object appeared suddenly within a 30 to 1 hour drive as my mother came home from work (story told by her) and through a small dust storm. clearly seen from the photo is that the object took form within the dust on the windshield. my mother was very astonished when she arrived home to suddenly for the first time see this mandala on her car driver-side windshield. i investigated for a long time and tried to run down every possible logical explanation. it does not make sense that someone (human) made this, the perfection of the mandala is outmatched. furthermore, there was no instance in which someone could have done this because the object took form within the time of her driving her commute home. the dust appears to gather in an oddly specific location as well. my mother, sister, and i all took pictures and left this situation as confused as the situation first appeared. my suspicion of this event links with former and subsequent subliminal communications with vastly evolved extraterrestrial beings, some within the waking state but mostly through semi-lucid dream states. i hope you take time to carefully review the up close photos provided. thank you,

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Credit: MUFON

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