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Friday, November 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Київ, Київська on 2017-09-14 19:20:00 - I photographed in the woods in the evening. there are no sources of light nearby. the shore of the lake, mixed forest. i saw the objects only when i transferred the photo from the camera to the computer.

I walked in the forest. this is the park of partisan glory in kiev near my house. i photographed a lot. my cat was with me. the park is in the city, but the lights were far away. on that day, september 14, it was very hot, dry, the sky was clear. when we came to the shore of the lake, i let the cat run and took some photo. there was nobody around. the cat chased after some insect. i called him and accidentally pressed the camera button. this photo was obtained. it was unusual that there were a lot of people in the park, but there was nobody on the shore of the lake within a radius of about 200-300 meters. it's a small beach and there are always people there even in the worst weather. i was surprised. catching the cat, i returned to the beach and took a few more shots. i suddenly became somehow uncomfortable and i decided to return home, although i previously wanted to take a walk yet. that day i did not have a desire to see the pictures. this is strange, because, i like to take pictures and like to immediately see the photo. several days passed. i needed to move the photos that i made at the event, from the camera's flash card to the computer. having finished the work, i looked through all the photos. including, and those that were made on september 14. i noticed strange luminous objects on one of them. i asked photographers what it could be. they did not know. then i decided to contact you. the direction of photography of this photo is about southeast. no sources of light, fires, lanterns, laser toys were near. thank you!

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Credit: MUFON

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