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Thursday, November 30, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dunnellon, Florida on 2017-11-21 00:00:00 - It has been going on for maybe twenty years. always thought it was dreams.It has changed.

Latest was 21 nov night, i saw a bright star out of place...Or maybe i felt it i don't know...Strange feeling... i was afraid, i know the feeling , like goosebumps, electric feeling in spine.Hard to remember.Always the same, fuzzy memories, like waking from a hangover.Woke up with pain in ear, strange smell like ammonia. it's hard to explain.I always thought it was a dream,nightmare. last year i got a dog to help, he pissed the floor and bit me when i touched him in morning. this has gone on as long as i can remember but now i know it is not a dream. need to know if i can kill it. i don't know what it is but nothing has ever made me so afraid, i'm sure it does not mean me well.I am a combat veteran who served with the 82nd airborne in iraq 03-04 and do not scare easily.I had a memory come back to me a few years ago of one in my room, only time i can recall seeing it, small dark thin, it knew i saw it and i blacked out. i don't know if i'm repressing the memories or if i'm bat shit. it is almost painful to try to remember and normally give up and go about my life. lately i wake up with bruises,cuts,rashes...Allergic reactions.At this point i am going to try to kill them, set traps and sleep with dog and gun.I wish i could put more in here but it's like i'm in a fog when i try. please help me to understand what is happening. and do you know if anyone has had success defending themselves and if so how. thanks shannon

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Credit: MUFON

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