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Monday, November 20, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Macedon, Victoria on 2017-11-20 22:15:00 - Yellow lights moving quickly in the sky, stopping instantly, changing direction then shooting up and disappearing with a bright flash.

I was driving south on black forest drive from woodend around 10:15pm. the road itself is 4 lanes wide (2 each way) and reasonably straight, surrounded by trees but has no street lights or any other kind of lighting. there was no other traffic around at the time either, i did not see any other cars for most of my drive. it was a warm night and perfectly clear, all the stars were visible and there were no clouds at all. i had the roof down in my convertible because it was so nice, this gave me a wide field of view that would typically be missed. a bright yellow light came into my peripheral vision from the east very high up, moving quickly across the sky. it caught my attention immediately because it was the brightest object in the sky, it was also much faster than the couple of commercial passenger jets that i had seen earlier. at first i thought it was just a satellite or shooting star, so i slowed the car to have a better look. as i focused on it i noticed a slightly smaller (but still more noticeable than the rest of the stars) light was moving in sync with the larger one, except circling around it as well. i couldn't tell if it was a completely different 'object' or if it was one 'object' with one central light and one outer light spinning around. it was very difficult to judge the distances or size of the lights, because they seemed very far away in the sky with nothing nearby for reference. the larger light was roughly a quarter of the size of a normal full moon, but much brighter, so it was dominant among other stars. the smaller one was about half that size. they moved from the left of the sky (east direction) to around the centre of my vision at a constant speed, while the smaller one was rotating around the main light. they both came to an instant halt, which was when i realised this was not normal. i slowed the car more to get a better look. the lights began to move around again, the main one making perfect 90 degree changes of direction and even halting occasionally, all while the smaller one was rotating around it. there was never any period of acceleration from them, it was either a fast movement or completely stationary. after a few zigzag type maneuvers they were stationary for 15 seconds or so, it felt like a long time but i know it was not. they then suddenly started moving "straight" up at great speed, flashed much brighter than they had been previously and vanished. like a warp drive from a sci-fi movie or something like that. there was no noticeable sound either... however that is hard to be certain about considering the engine noise, radio and wind noise while i was driving. i don't know how to explain what i saw, the sudden stops and starts combined with the direction changes rule out anything like a satellite or plane. the bright flash and resulting disappearance is hard to rationally explain as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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