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Monday, November 6, 2017

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UFO Sighting in McAlpin, Florida on 2017-11-06 00:00:00 - Over 10 starlike lights in all directions of sky, intermittently blinking, and moving from side to side, up and down, and circular motions at different speeds. witness from 90 miles east confirms these lights. still visible after 3 hours plus.

At around 9pm i was standing on my front porch when i saw a blinking star to the south that was not moving as a plane would. the blinking stopped and i noticed that it was moving from the left to the right and back again at different speeds. i thought that maybe i was swaying, so i leaned against my hand rail to ground myself and watched for about 5 more minutes to confirm that i was indeed seeing a hovering/bobbling light in the night sky. after that i went into the house to have my daughter come look. she verified that indeed it was moving. so then i has my dad come out to witness, and he walked further into the yard to have a wider view of the sky when he noticed another light off to the west resembling the first light. the i began to look in all directions of the sky and counted over 5 lights. they were all staying within a certain range of space but were moving from a center point to the left then back to center fast, to the right slow and a little off from a straight line, then back to around center, then down in a circle movement, up and down. none of the movement was constant or on pattern. they would stay in one spot for a while, then slowly move in one direction or another. i explain it as the movements of a hummingbird or a dragon fly. it feels a little weird for it is hard to explain was these lights are and what they are doing, but i know that they are not planes, or satellites,nor would there be that many drones in the sky in a rural area such as my town. i also want to add that as of 3 hours since first spotting these lights they are still there. they have seemed to slowly move within there general location with the movement of the horizon. we also have a very large moon in the sky tonight, and my husband verified to me via phone that he also sees these lights from over a 100 miles east of our home in a well lit city. we used the moon as direction to located one of these moving lights and confirmed the direction of movement as we watched together, 100 plus miles apart.

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Credit: MUFON

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