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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts on 2013-04-21 20:40:00 - In my backyard with video cam in hand, i noticed two, then many orange orbs about 250 ft altitude heading in my direction.

on 4/21/13, i went out alone to my backyard at 8pm to sky watch with my new video camera in hand because of previous experiences. the sky was clear and there was no noticeable breeze. at 8:40pm i noticed one orange orb at first and then another one heading in my direction and i was excited. i was facing the east and the orbs were coming from my left hand side, the northeast and slowly moving about 25 to 40mph towards the southwest to my right hand side. they were glowing orange and the size of small beach balls at about 200 to 300 foot altitude. i started video taping the two orbs when i noticed a 3rd orb and then a 4th coming from the same direction. i watched/videotaped the first two orbs separated by 50 feet or so fly by me and then switched to the 3rd and 4th orbs which were 150 feet or so behind the first two. then i looked to my right for the first two orbs and they were nowhere to be seen. i wondered where they went because i should have still been able to see them as they were moving slow and no houses or trees were obstructing my vision. i then focused on the 3rd and 4th orb when i noticed a 5th and 6th coming from the northeast but i kept watching the 3rd and 4th to see if they would vanish like the first two. when they flew past and got about 600 feet past my position they started to power down and dim like a light bulb on a dimmer switch until they were nowhere to be seen. they just disappeared and vanished which took about 5 seconds. i had the camera set to autofocus and it was hard to focus the camera when zooming in for close-ups but i did manage to finally get some half decent video near the end of this sighting. i took some pictures but they came out blurry. after the 5th and 6th flew by and disappeared before my eyes there was about a 1 minute lull in the action. i stood there for that minute happy, excited, some what stunned and thank full for what i was shown and witnessed. now, thinking the show was over, like an encore comes a few more, then a few more until i witnessed a total of about 10 to 15 orbs. i lost count. all the orbs faded out at the same spot in the sky at different times when each one individually reached that area. they were all silent. the only sounds i heard was a neighbors dog barking and some vehicle traffic from 800 feet away. the sighting lasted for about 7 to 8 minutes. they stayed at one constant elevation and did not ascend like chinese lanterns would have and there was no wind at ground level.

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Credit: MUFON

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