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Saturday, November 4, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Claremore, Oklahoma on 2006-09-01 00:00:00 - Watched a strange, bright light in my neighborhood. it was close to the ground, then approached me. i ran, lol. 😂

When i was in middle school, i lived in claremore, oklahoma. my neighborhood was in a wooded area, and had a pasture next to it. the neighborhood was shaped like a figure-8, with houses dotted inside the “boxes” of the figure, and outside of it. my house was located in one of the boxes, and i had a good view of the road behind me, to one side of me, and of course, in front of my house. a little before dusk one day, i happened to look outside my living room window. my gaze fell upon the road behind me, and a purple-white light caught my attention. the road in question had a slope, and i thought it odd that this orb of light neither increased in speed nor bobbed up and down to match the gait of a person walking. as i watched this light, it travelled at a consistent speed (5-10 mph) down the road, and turned the corner. puzzled, i switched my vantage point to my office window, where i could then see the light travel from the side of the “figure-8” road. now that i’m older and look back at this, i can’t believe i did this, but i decided to go outside for a closer look. my house had its own sidewalk, and the exterior walls of the office shielded me from view. as i watched from my new perch, the orb continued to slowly travel toward my stretch of road. feeling a little uneasy, but still skeptical, i decided to hide behind a baby pine tree (great hiding spot lol) on the side of my driveway. the orb was continuing on its path toward my house. now, the ditches along the houses were fairly deep. my brother and i, long with my friends, would regularly jump our bikes over them. a person on foot would need to take a pretty hefty step over it, possibly even a small leap. the light must have noticed me, because it approached my new vantage point and simply glided over the ditch towards me. after it was within about 15 feet of me, i totally noped out of there! my back yard had a chain link fence, and i did this awesome mario styled wall jump over it (i’m kind of short and my fence was about 5 feet tall. in hindsight, i’m pretty stoked about this move.) i’m really not sure what happened to the orb after that. i went outside with my parents to look for it (they noticed i was pretty freaked out), but we couldn’t find it. i really wish i could witness it again to see if my reaction would be different. it would be nice to know what the thing was. the light was very bright, but seemed contained, unlike a headlight. it also had a glow around where the more comcentrated light was.

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Credit: MUFON

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