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Friday, November 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Weldon, North Carolina on 1971-09-10 20:15:00 - Oval shape

I was at a friends house with my brother and we started home and that's when we noticed a red blinking light over mr jones house. after watching this for awhile my little brother went into the house and we had determined that the light was a lot further away. i stayed and watched it when i seen it move i first thought it was aplane but then i saw a plane. going across the sky in another direction . this object darted very fast to the right and then back to the left i had lit a cigeretteand was getting ready to put it out and go into the house when all of a sudden the ground around me was glowing red and then a bright red . i stuck my hands out and the were red and bight red to so i looked up and there it was. around object about 50 feet in the air just over my grand mother house. i could see that the light is was casting was like a flash light been only under this craft red then bright red. i could hear a humming noise coming from it then i heard a noise come from it and a yellow light came on under it. i noticed that around the bottom i could see what looked like small round windows . this object then started lowing to the ground about 10 to 20 feet above my grand mother house and i saw the yellow light move in my direction it scared me so i ran under thr tree in our yard the yellow light stopped i knew no one would believe me so i ran to the front door but kept watching this object it never moved as i was trying to find the door knob i looked away just to find the door knob. it was still there i open the door and told my mom to come here when i looked back it was gone i told my mom what i had seen and i went out side to see if it would come back it never did. but about 5 years ago around the time that i saw this item a got a strange feeling to go back and look for it but i never did strange thing about this is that i had not thought of this in years

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Credit: MUFON

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