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Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Wheeling, Ohio on 2017-01-25 00:00:00 - Driving towards west virginia stopped got gas felt like earthquake equilibrium felt off back on road by the ohio west virginia border saw a creature felt weird then i was instantly in toledo ohio five hours from the border in a seco

I was driving to stratford virginia. i had stopped in southern ohio to get gas. when i got out to fill my tank there was a feeling of like seismic activity and it felt like the ground shifted and threw my equilibrium off. i thought it might be a change i'm elevation at the time. i got back in my car on the road. i was right by the ohio west virginia border when i felt kind of weird then i saw this long legged brown spider like creature run across the road and the next second i was back in toledo ohio going the opposite direction. i moved almost five hours away right back to toledo i'm a second. no time lapsed that i remembered. not saying that time didn't lapse because obviously someone picked me up and moved me through a possible worm hole or just abducted me and put me back in toledo. i don't think this was my first abduction but i have proof there is video surveillance cameras where i stopped along the way down the first time me getting gas's on my debit card then i was back i'm toledo turned right around and started back towards virginia. so i have a bank record of all the places i stopped and video surveillance the whole first time. then i am back in toledo and i could never have gotten back there that fast to stop again where i did with the second bank records and video surveillance of me again on my way the second time south towards where i was just abducted. my vehicle is not the best on gas so like hour and a half or so i have to get gas. there is no way i could have been where i was in that time it is ridiculous and in ohio where i live there are cameras in the lights on the freeways. so there is proof i was right by west virginia one second then i'm toledo instantaneously. i wanted to report it immediately but what do you say. i have this spot by my spinal cord that hurts and i think it is an implant and i think i have more than one. who can i talk to. i have things going on that are not normal and i just want to be left alone and my life back.

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Credit: MUFON

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