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Friday, November 10, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Rhode Island on 2017-10-30 00:00:00 - During a windstorm: blue laser beams, humming, 4 audible tones emitted into house and them electricity went out

It was a strong windstorm on 10/30/17 midnight. my 13 year old and i witnessed it. she was looking out the window when the street lights went off. four of them went from a bright yellowish light to a dull white simultaneously. it lasted for 10 seconds then they turned completely off and a blue tinted light from the sky blinked 3 times each time lasting 3-5 seconds each. the light shown appeared far as she could see from the window to across the pond. it brightened in her room blue. along with the lights, she heard a buzzing/scanning surge sound “zgrzrg” with each flash of light. after that the street lights returned to bright yellow. i was lying in bed and my whole body was in turmoil (i’m an empath). it felt the strong winds and barometric pressures. i couldn’t settle it. it felt like the storm was inside me. then a very long blue laser streak and red streak (and possibly green) flashed inside my bedroom along with a scanning surge type of noise and 4 audible “ufo” tones (di-doo-da-doo) that went off twice. this occurred while my daughter yelled, “mom” in hysterics. then the electricity went out as if it needed to take our electricity. it was out for 3 days. several electricity was out in all of new england. when i awoke in the morning, i felt very dizzy and worn out like i was the aftermath of the storm. on a side note, i’ve recently experienced a spiritual awakening. people have said they are related. i’ve seen a ufo with my mother in her car hovering over us about 10-15 years ago in exeter, ri. also, the next day, the locked front door blew open on its own. additionally, while the electricity was out the next night we played “story cubes” and after we rolled them once the images that came up on the dice were a lock 🔒 (door), light 💡 (electricity out), a flash lightning bolt ⚡️(the streak of light) and an alien 👽 as if they were trying to communicate.

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Credit: MUFON

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