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Saturday, November 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Okemah, Oklahoma on 2017-10-16 12:14:00 - Took a picture of unknown object

I saw an object in the sky. it looked like it was in our south cow pasture. i pulled up to the stop sign and observed it for about 5 minutes. it never moved! i exited my car and took a picture with my cell phone and kept observing it for about 10 more minutes. kept trying to see it drift by using the tree line, but it stayed perfectly still. i thought if it was a plane, drone, or blimp it should move even if very slowly. it never did! i had an appointment in town and had to go and it wasn’t there when i returned. there was absolutely no sound and i kept watching other drivers pass on the highway to see if they were looking at the object, but nobody seemed to be looking at it!

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Credit: MUFON

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