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Sunday, November 19, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Horn Lake, Mississippi on 2017-11-19 00:00:00 - It looked similar to a huge flying bus with 4 lights on both sides. it crossed over goodman rd headed toward memphis, tn. it flew slowly like a helicopter, but with no noise. a light appeared to occasionally blink from the back.

My boyfriend was driving along goodman road (302) through horn lake, desoto county, mississippi towards olive branch, desoto county, mississippi. i was in the passengers seat. it was around midnight. i noticed lights in the sky coming from the south east. i assumed it was an airplane and so did my boyfriend until we noticed the aircraft was flying very low and slow. we started discussing what it could be considering the unusualness of the aircraft. it flew low and slow like a helicopter, however we had the sun roof open and could hear no noise. as it crossed the road and our line of sight we both began exclaiming out loud over the unusual shape and began speculating what it could be. it was a rectangular black box shape similar to a bus which was very visible as it crossed the road. there were what appeared to be 4 orange-yellow lights on both sides. the lights were all spaced apart in a straight line. the aircraft almost appeared to float across the sky. occasionally we could see a light appear from the rear as it flew to the north east. we both dismissed it as some secret military aircraft probably headed to memphis, tn or some other airport.

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Credit: MUFON

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