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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Levittown, Pennsylvania on 2017-10-31 19:30:00 - Flashing object flying erratic low in the sky

While at the end of my drive way i noticed what looked like a tight cluster of flashing red lights hovering toward the north of my location. i estimate the lights were no more then 1/4 mile away at an altitude of 500 to 1000'. the cluster of lights appeared to be part of one aircraft. i did not notice any white or green lights which are normally associated with helicopters or airplanes. the strangest part of my observation was when the lights quickly moved from left to right in a straight line. the lights kept moving left to right, hover for a second, and then move back right to left and hover. it did this very quickly and would come to a hover each time. the lights were not moving in racetrack pattern which is a very common pattern for a helicopter but a straight line. i kept saying to myself "how can these lights do this". it just didn't look normal for a helicopter to do this kind of flight. here's where it gets really weird. after the lights had gone back and forth in this straight pattern a couple of times they disappeared only to reappear a short distance away. the lights would appear to hover and then disappear. one second later they would reappear a short distance away. the lights did this three times before rapidly descending below the horizon. i believe the object was leaving the area by moving away from my location as the lights became smaller and faded in brightness. weather: it was a clear night with no ceiling. there were numerous fixed wing aircraft in the area. i live just 8 miles from north east philadelphia airport (pne). flight radar 24: i used a program called "flightradar24" to look around the time frame that i saw the lights. it didn't show any helicopters in the area of interest.

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Credit: MUFON

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