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Thursday, November 16, 2017

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UFO Landing in Mountain Ranch, California on 2017-11-08 00:00:00 - I see these things/lights/creatures almost every night.

I am staying in calaveras county. the first time i noticed something was one night, maybe 8-9 months ago, when i was looking up at the stars and i noticed that these stars looked very different. they looked larger and brighter and flickering very unusually but i thought it was because of the clarity of the sky compared to the smog in la where a person can not see the sky like they can see it in calaveras. as time has gone by these light have increased in number and slowly have gotten more comfortable with me that now they get very close to me. these guys come in many different sizes. some are the size of a pea and others are the size of a baseball and others mush larger. its strange because as i am looking at one ball or light, at a long distance, as it get closer to me it gets smaller instead of larger, also i notice that they form shapes in the sky. one minute they form a diamond and the next a triangle and the next minute seems like they are playing races and dumping each other out of the way. i have been able to wave my hand and call them close to me as well. they have no sound at all and they flicker with may different colors and they float or glide around me. its really cool. recently they formed like a chain or what resembles a pearl necklace and formed this necklace around a large object that was hovering over some trees. this event was at a distance but this looked like a ufo to me. it was very large but i couldn't tell what what shape it was. then it moved away very quickly. also these lights seem to be able to camouflage themselves. in addition to these things i see on a regular bases. i also so black objects on my property in the bushes looking at me they are short and stocky and scary looking. they have never gotten close to me but they move in my direction. there are many different experiences i have with the light and the creatures on my property. people have come over and have seen the lights but say that they could be stars. these light are reluctant to get too close when i have company. i have taken many pictures but they scatter before i can take a picture but i have gotten a few pics of the light, that i can send you. they are not very good because its so dark out here. i need a better camera. i feel like there is a community of these things and they are working on something in the ground around here everyday. also i have brought this up to people in the area and people urge me not to talk about it, either that or they think im missing a few marbles. i consider myself to be pretty normal and i don't do drugs and im pretty sure i'm not hallucinating. so i thought i should share some of my experiences. if when you look at the photos and you can identify what these lights are please let me know. please contact me anytime. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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