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Friday, November 24, 2017

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Lewis Center, Ohio on 2016-11-04 19:22:00 - Red object white & white flashes, photographed with camera & camcorder

bright red and white flying, flashing objects the sighting, november 4, 2016, took place at approximately 7:22-7:26 pm est. it began while the witness was standing in the back yard photographing astronomical objects. thus, it was not some mistaken astronomical object as is often used to explain ufos, because when it happened the witness was photographing venus, mars, saturn, and the moon and the witness labeled them on some of the photographs. the witness is an amateur astronomer, has worked professionally in photography, and because it was a clear night for good photography and several planets were visible at once, the witness had two cameras with me. the cameras were an iphone 6s and a hidef camcorder that also records sound. the witness has made much wildlife, astronomical, and aircraft photography from this location and am very familiar with it. everything the witness saw was against the sky, nothing was against background trees or anything. it started when the witness was looking southwest at venus and then saw two bright red glowing objects approaching from the west. they flew smoothly, were completely vertical in orientation to each other, were soundless, and there was no evidence of an airplane or aircraft lights. there were no strobe lights, green lights, sounds, or anything vaguely like an airplane. the object’s lights didn’t blink or change in intensity or brightness. the movements were in complete synchrony, and the objects looked exactly alike. from this first second of the sighting, the witness was mystified. they approached venus and because they stayed together so smoothly and completely, the witness thought they had to be connected. the witness watched for what would happen when they would pass venus. they were in a position of one precisely above the other in a straight vertical line. when they went by venus, it appeared that the top one was about a full moon's apparent diameter above venus and the lower one about the same distance below venus–the angular distance between the two was about a degree or more with venus in the middle. they moved so synchronously that the witness expected them to be connected. although the witness couldn’t see any connection, the witness thought they might be connected to each other by something thin in a barbell-like fashion. but when they passed by venus, the witness saw no dimming, so the witness didn't know whether they could have been two objects moving in exact synchrony or whether they were like barbells and connected by a thin strand (that wouldn’t show up much when they flew past venus). they didn’t even slightly sway in the wind and just moved smoothly and steadily together. they looked nothing like chinese lanterns or any type of balloon. they flew in a controlled fashion–they stayed in a vertical position. the witness didn’t know how they flew–and didn’t hear engine noises but they must have had some kind of power because they were red and glowing. the witness was amazed because they looked like something that couldn’t happen-like one would see in a cartoon or a computer simulation. also because they took up such a large degree of arc, probably a degree or more, the witness thought they might have been close or of a huge object and expected a sound, but there was none. the witness don’t know their altitude, but they showed against the sky, not the background. the witness had been taking photos of the planets with the iphone in hand when the witness saw them. but the witness was so completely dumbfounded in amazement at first that the witness didn’t do anything except stand there frozen. when the brain finally re-activated, the witness realized the witness needed to take photos so the witness took pictures–snapped three photos in very rapid succession at 7:22 est each 5 seconds after the previous one. this was after the red objects had already passed. the witness think the witness didn’t see anything when the witness took these photos. then the witness noticed a huge area of the sky light up with all kinds of blinking, gyrating, dancing, flashing objects. this display took up a large area of the sky–maybe 20-30 degrees in width and height. it spread from the tree to the southeast to west of venus, which was to the west. because the objects in this display were flashing and seemed to be moving around, the witness ran for the video camera to try to capture this motion. it took some time to run to the camcorder set it up, get it turned on in the dark, and wait for it to come on. it was mounted on a tripod. by the time, the witness had the camcorder going, most of the objects had flown behind a tree and a building to the east so the witness couldn’t see them. the witness thought the tail end of the objects was still there. the witness pointed the camcorder and tried to videotape the dancing objects. when the witness had seen them by eye they appeared to flash, move around–sometimes synchronously, blink, etc. all this was soundless. there seemed to have been a number of red and other objects that constantly changed configuration. these were definitely not like any standard aircraft lights. the witness took a 26-second video (although that doesn’t seem like much you can do a lot with it using a computer). the size of this display of the group of objects was many, many times to large to be the lighting on an aircraft. a low aircraft (such as ones coming in for a landing at john glenn columbus international airport–about 20 miles away) might to be about the apparent angular size of the moon or smaller. the size of the moon when compared to size of the display of the group of objects in the video images was very much smaller. another estimation of the apparent size scale can be found at the end of a video. it shows the length of a car on the road in a wide-angle view. the car is approximately 0.13 mile away, but the length of the car is many times shorter than the display of the group of objects. if the group of objects had been the lighting on an airplane, the airplane would have been either tremendously large or so close it would be almost crashing into the camera. there was nothing there that would cause a group of objects to appear. this is a large family farm area surrounded by agricultural fields with no one around. the neighbors are the relatives and the witness knew what they are doing. the witness is very used to seeing airplanes, blimps, blimps with lighted sides, and all kinds of aircraft here and photographing them in the dark. these objects seemed nothing like airplane lights or other commonly photographed objects. the sighting was nothing like viewing a drone–the witness has a drone, flies it, photographs with it, and repairs it, so the witness is familiar with drones. the objects were nothing like lasers or flashlights, because these need something to reflect against to be seen (such as cats chasing a laser on a wall). what the witness saw were bodies against the sky. it was nothing like fireworks. the witness has recorded fireworks from this general position using this camera and they look nothing like this. this was nothing like chinese lanterns–several chinese lanterns have landed in the field the witness filmed in and has them. they weren’t birds, because some glowed red, they blinked on and off, there was no wing motion, and birds don’t light up at night. the witness saw no green lights at all any time during the sighting and it is standard for aircraft to have green lights. the witness read that all aircraft built after march 1996 must have an anti-collision light system (strobe lights) turned on for all flight activities in poor visibility. there was no continuous track of strobe lights as is seen with an aircraft–just white flashes at random all over the sky. in addition, aircraft show a patterned sequence of flashing their lights and there was no form of pattern with these object’s blinking. the white flashing objects were nothing like stars. when one looks at the sky, one can see stars and they often twinkle. but they do not completely disappear and new stars do not appear in different places as they did in the video. the stars and planets have stable locations. thus, the phenomenon wasn’t photographs of stars or twinkling. both cameras can photograph stars at night. also the witness had seen meteor showers and northern lights and this sighting resembled neither. the witness has also seen flares such as airplanes sometimes send out–the witness may even have one that the witness collected here years ago. these last longer than a split second and they travel downward, not in all directions. the camcorder records sound very well, but there was no sound except for when the witness rustled the grass, fiddled with the camera, and from the road traffic. the witness wasn’t sure about the colors–whether they were just red and white or whether there were more colors. the objects blinked in random patterns–nothing like an airplane. the objects the witness watched by eye seemed to dart, dance, and gyrate, and because of that and the flashing, the witness had gone to the video camera to photograph the motion. in the video, the white objects seemed to just give very quick flashes and it appeared that what the witness captured of these were flashes. occasionally, there appeared to be double white lights. after the witness recorded the views, the iphone and camcorder were taken into the house and the witness e-mailed the camera photos to the computer, and downloaded the camcorder video tape recording in to the computer. the witness still has the original e-mails and camcorder tape. there was a game going on at the school several miles to the west and so the witness contacted someone there to see if anything had been released. the answer was no, and the witness didn’t think so to begin with but checked anyway. later the witness called the airport to see if anything unusual had been flying here or if anyone had seen anything. they said no, and suggested calling the bigelow organization that collects ufo information. they returned the call several days later, but the witness didn’t get back to them. the witness immediately on november 4 posted the video both on youtube and facebook and also did the next day in order to find out if anyone else had seen or knew anything, but the witness didn’t find out anything. the original november 4 youtube videos and other posts are still on. the witness also checked the weather which said: “wind wind speed 4 mph (north) max wind speed 14 mph max gust speed 17 mph visibility 8 miles and from the north at 7: 51” the wind was blowing from north to south. the objects traveled from west to east. if the wind were coming from the north, the group of objects would have been blown to the south and stayed in view if they had continued to be lit. instead, the group flew behind the tree and building to the east and quickly disappeared. thus, because they were not flying in the direction the wind would have blown them, they may have been operating under some form of power. because this was the backyard, the witness has taken many other videos in the same area, with the same lighting conditions, in wide and narrow angle views, with a tripod, including videos of different aircraft, and have not seen anything like this. for example, airplanes photograph as discrete continuous objects following a path; they don’t look like randomly scattered blinking lights. these other videos don’t show the white and red objects as seen in this one and could be used as control videos to compare normal videos to this one. immediately after the witness made the photography, the witness wondered if anything had been photographed, because this was difficult photography. it was dark, which made it difficult to use the iphone and to even turn on the camcorder let alone focus it. but when the witness uploaded everything to the computer, the witness was amazed that everything had worked–the cameras had come on instantly and in focus. the witness had taken three photos by iphone immediately after the red objects had passed on 2016.11.04 at 19:22:27, 19:22:32, and 19:22:37. these three turned out well and although the witness thought the witness had photographed nothing because the witness did the photography after the 2 red objects had passed and the witness didn’t see anything when t the photographs were taken, the camera appeared to photograph some sort of splotches passing in front of the camera. the videotape also turned out much better than the witness expected. the witness might have seen a few flashes when the witness made the video, but the actual video showed much more. when the witness clicked through it, one click at a time on full screen in the dark it showed many flashes and also a pair of red objects. the witness had set the camcorder to daytime photography to try to get the colors of the planets, this allowed me to photograph the objects in color, and it did photograph red and white flashes. when the witness uploaded the three photographs into the computer, the witness noticed bright spots in them that photographed the same way objects would. they were generally to the east of venus. although the photographs were taken only 5 seconds apart the spots were not in the same place, thus it appeared that they were moving (as the two red objects had done). in order to check whether the spots were in the same place, the witness made computer transparencies and overlaid them. this showed that the spots were not in the same place in the photographs. thus, they had been moving and this would make their outlines in the photographs less clear. in order to find out if the spots were part of some natural background, the witness looked at the photos that were taken right before the witness saw the two red objects. there were several of these photographs and no such spots were visible on any of these photographs. thus, the spots didn’t appear to be part of the natural background. they also wouldn’t be some form of camera artifact. with this camera, the witness can easily photograph such objects as mars and saturn and has even photographed dimmer objects such as neptune and asteroids, so the witness was familiar with the camera’s performance. the stars and planets, of course, stand still whereas these objects were moving and thus more difficult to photograph-with less distinct outlines. the witness saw no airplanes at the time the witness took the photographs and the witness would have noticed them because the witness was looking at venus. moreover, it would be unusual to see three airplanes together at once, and the witness would definitely have noticed. the only things the witness had seen near venus were the two red objects and that was a few seconds before the witness took the photographs. also, the witness doubt if the camera would have taken photographs of birds or insects, because it was dark. the objects showed up as bright spots that looked like lit objects such as mars. the trees photographed as dark bodies that were barely distinguishable from the background. in addition, the trees were much larger than birds and don’t more around. although the only objects the witness saw were the two red ones, it appeared that the witness had photographed several other things. because the witness had seen the red objects by eye, the witness thought the spots might have also been objects traveling with the red ones. the witness think they weren’t the red objects because these had been exactly vertical and the spots the witness photographed were in more of a horizontal configuration. thus, it appeared that more unlit objects might have passed after the witness saw the two red ones. the witness didn’t see these when the witness took the photographs, so they might have been unlit but traveling with the red object/objects. these spots were a bright color and this is how the illuminated objects, such as mars had photographed. the witness thought if birds had photographed they would have appeared dark. thus, the witness thought that the objects might have been emitting some form of light or other radiation that could photograph, but not be visible to the human eye. the witness quit photographing with the iphone, because the entire south part of the sky suddenly lit up with all kinds of flashing lights and the witness ran to the video camera. this also made me wonder if the bright spots were objects, because the flashing lights would have come from objects, but the only objects the witness had seen before this were the two red ones. also, all the witness saw of the flashing lights were the flashes; the witness assumed the flashes were from objects that weren’t visible in the dark. thus, perhaps the spots the witness saw were among the objects that flashed later but were not emitting radiation in the visible range or flashing when they passed venus. this photography suggests that some objects might have been traveling with the red ones, but the witness may not have seen them because they were not lit in a light frequency visible to the human eye. immediately after this, however, the entire sky lit up with flashing, blinking objects. thus, they may have changed their frequency (during the flashing) to one visible to humans. perhaps this could be a reason why it is sometimes reported that ufos will suddenly blink out or disappear. the witness was able to upload the video recording, which had photographed the tail end the group of dancing objects before they disappeared behind the tree. the witness was also able to click through this video one click at a time in full screen in the dark and also to modify the lighting on this video to study it further. the video definitely showed some of the object’s flashing as distinct, obvious, bright objects with discrete boundaries. it also sometimes showed dimmer flashes, or bright flashes turning into dimmer ones the video showed the blinking and color of the lit objects. these were red and white blinking objects, but no other colors were evident (but there may have been other colors that just didn’t photograph). these objects appeared real because they showed up against the sky not against any background. the first two red objects that the witness had seen with by eye shone a very bright red–sort of a blood red color. two red objects that seemed to be together also showed up on the video, but these were not as red. however, a camcorder photographing in the dark might show a different color than the eye would see, even if it photographed the same thing. the white objects would blink on and off at random times in random places over a wide area of the sky. (the photography was taken over the fields of a large farm. the neighbors were relatives and no one was doing anything odd that would cause objects to appear at that time). the witness had initially seen two red objects traveling to the east. although the witness didn’t see this with by eye when the witness took the video, it also captured two red objects that flew together and stayed on for a while–the video captured them three times. the witness don’t know if these red objects were the same ones the witness saw with by eye at the beginning when they passed venus. there were several rapid changes in configuration of the red objects and the witness don’t know whether this was caused by a red object darting from one place to another, or if there had been a larger object that turned on different red lights. the witness had seen no obvious connections between the two red objects in the original observation by eyesight but don’t know if these were what the witness was seeing in the video. sometimes a third and maybe more red lights would be with the two that stayed together. many of the flashes were very distinct and clear, whereas some were blurred. the witness don’t know if the blurring could have been caused by motion. the witness had very little time to film the trailing edge of the group, before they flew behind the tree (but it was still possible to slow down the recording on the computer and find a lot of detail). the video showed red objects and it sometimes showed two that would stay on for a while and traveled together. the witness don’t know whether the two red objects that seemed to fly together in the video were also the first two the witness saw with by eye (the possibly barbell-like ones that passed venus). these were not vertical as the ones the witness saw by eye were, but were tilted and more horizontally oriented. these two red objects together showed three separate times on the video. sometimes these two objects would be in different distances from each other and in different orientations. the two red objects that sometimes appeared together did not look like blinking airplane lights, because an airplane would travel away in a straight direction and generally have more than just red lights. if these were on an airplane, it was doing unusual gyrations. the witness saw no strobe lights with the group of red lights that stayed together, such as airplanes have, and there was plenty of time on the video to see strobe lights. at other times, the witness would see three bright, clear red objects on at once, like a triangle. the witness couldn’t tell whether there was anything connecting the objects. sometimes the witness would see several red objects together and wondered if they could all be lights on one object. the witness also wondered if some of the objects had quickly moved from one location to another. there seemed to be brighter sharper red objects and some dimmer ones that were more like blotches, or maybe rapidly moving objects. the witness don’t know if there were other colors. the red lights that traveled together in the video did not turn on or off at exactly same time (as seen in the slowed down video), although this timing was quite close to synchronous. in airplanes, such lighting would be synchronous. the first two views of the red objects that stayed together stayed on about the same amount of time, but the last one was shorter. and the time between views was less for the last one also. the distance between the red objects varied. thus there had been no patterned sequence of blinking lights such as is on aircraft. other oddities were that the two red objects would completely disappear between flashes. nearly all aircraft in the dark keep at least one steady light on all the time. their blinking pattern wasn’t regular. also, they were higher in altitude each time they appeared. they might have been traveling upward after they had passed at what appeared to be a fairly low altitude. if aircraft are going over the horizon, they go down. these appeared to rise as if they had just taken off, traveled upwards, or were getting closer, but they didn’t look any larger as they would if they were becoming closer. and if these were the lighting on a craft, the witness should have continued to see them because there was a lot of time on the video for them to show up again. but the witness didn’t see them again–they slowed only three times. in comparison to the red objects, when the white objects blinked, they would sometimes be on for just a tiny fraction of a second (they appeared and disappeared in one click), they generally seemed brighter and sharper than the red objects, and individual objects did not appear to move together as some of the red objects did. these were nothing like strobe lights. although a strobe light may flash on and off quickly as these objects did, a property of strobe lights is that they are regular. there was nothing regular in the flashing of these lights. in comparison, when one watches airplane strobe lights, the strobes continue in a smooth path along with the airplane. these white objects appeared and disappeared all over a large area of the sky. their strobbing wasn’t regular, nor did any strobes follow a continuous path. there were some very distinct, bright red and white objects, but others also looked red and white, but dimmer and more blurred. the witness didn’t remember from seeing them with by eye if there were other colors. in general, they seemed stationary when they were lit up, but some were a little blurred as if they had started to move rapidly. no object’s flashes were recorded in exactly the same place, so the witness photographed nothing that was fixed or stationary. there was no smooth movement like an airplane flying away from the camera. in several instances, an object would look double as if it were two objects together or had very rapidly moved while blinking on. the planets never appeared as double. some of the object’s lighting seemed to have trails as if this were showing motion. sometimes ufos are reported as merging or coming apart. these double images suggest that the objects could be close together, or possibly even be merging. there were several indications that these objects had some form of power. one reason is that the group took a definite direction and was not simply blown with the wind. the ability to move in a different direction from the wind indicates that some form of power is in use. also, they glowed and this glowing would take power. in addition, they were able to blink off and on. blinking lights such as strobe lights use different forms of power and some form of control is needed to make the light flash on and off. the ability to light up and to flash indicates that some form of both power and control existed in these objects. during the time the video was made, the camcorder was toggled between a wide (wide-angle) and a narrow (telephoto) field of view. the first portion shows a wide-angle view that includes the tree silhouettes below and to the left side of the picture. venus and the moon are a distance apart. venus appears to move to the right, when the camcorder setting is changed from a wide to a narrow field of view (it doesn’t really move). a number of the flashes showed up in different places in the wide angle view and this showed how large a portion of the sky the flashes took up. because this wide view covers such a large angular distance, if this display of the group of objects had been of aircraft lighting, it would take up a much smaller angular distance. for example, the angle covered by the diameter of the full moon is about 31 arcmin or half a degree. a close airplane would subtend about the angular size of the moon. the display of this group of objects was many, many times the angular size of the moon. these object’s flashes could also be compared to the general background. the witness took the video of the tail end of a group of flashing objects that were headed east. thus, there are more of these flashes on the left side. the background is dark with large irregular blotches of black, red, green, and purple that changed shape constantly and were dimmer and less defined than the flashes. the objects that flashed differ from the background because they are generally obvious, bright, and circular-shaped with well-defined edges, and smaller than the background blotches, rather than just large amorphous, changing blotches. because the background isn’t white, the witness thought most of the white flashes are from objects. unlike the background, the white flashes some are very clear, and sharp, although some are smaller and dimmer. the red objects that photographed the best were also circular-shaped with fairly well defined edges. however, both red and white objects could transform from well defined into less well-defined flashes. an instance here is where two of the red objects that traveled together began as sharply defined, but became less well defined later. at 00.08 – - 00.17 two sharply defined red objects and then three were seen at first. then the third one blinked off, but the two continued together. but as they continued, they became less well defined. at 00:10 – -00.15 the two red objects that traveled together showed for the last time. on their last blinks, both objects showed as bodies that seemed to go to the left with trails to the right. then they disappeared and didn’t show up together again, even through there was time on the video for this to happen. perhaps they had sped off. the white objects would often light up for only a small part of a second. they often would appear for only one click. because they were on for such a small amount of time, it is best to go through the video one click at a time, else these very short flashes wouldn’t be seen. the bright, clear objects with distinct outlines are most frequently on the left side and middle of the video images, because the group was heading east and few bright clear ones were on the right side by the time the video was taken. however, the right side could be used as a control to show what the sky would normally look like if no blinking objects were present. although the sky is the same on the left and right side, the blinking white and red objects are generally visible on the left side. if these objects were some kind of camera artifacts, the objects would be visible on both sides. (when the witness had first seen the display it was to the west of venus and heading east and then the flashing objects covered a wide area of the sky but they were drifting to the east and by the time the witness had the camcorder on, the witness was just photographing the tail end of the group. when the witness took the video, the witness thought it might be too late to get anything, but the witness did photograph some of it.) thus, because the flashing was mainly on the left side of the video, the right side might be used as a sort of control for how the normal sky would appear. the witness has many videos that could be compared to this one and used as controls. the video began with a wide-angle exposure. a white light appeared at 00:00 – -00.25. it was below the moon and to the left of venus. because the camcorder was recording at the wide angle setting and shows both the moon, venus, and silhouettes of the trees, it demonstrations that even at this stage (as the group of objects flew east) that objects could appear far enough west to show that the display took up a considerable angular distance. two (or maybe 3) white objects appeared at 00:02 – -00:23, then more flashes appeared. increased activity begins at about 00:07. one of several double appearing white blinks occurred at 00:08 – -00:17, another was at (00:08 – -00.07), and another at 00:015– -00:10. these may be two white lights that are near each other when they flashed. one white object flashed twice in about the same location (00:16 – -00.09 and 6 clicks later also at 00:16 – -00.09). at 00:11 – -00.14 four fairly dim white objects flashed; two of these were quite close together. at 00:13 – -00.12, a white object appears in a wide view above a tree silhouette, and 3 clicks later another white object appears to its right and some distance away compared to the tree silhouette. nothing was visible during further clicks. one trailing, dim white object appeared to show on the right side as late as 00:19 – -00.06. the first two red objects appeared at 00:07 – -00.18, they then continue to appear together through 8 clicks until the furthest left one blinked out at (still at 00:07 – -00.18), then another one appeared below the former position of the left one (still at 00:07 – -00.18). after that two red objects appeared together again at (00:07 – -00.17), and then after another click a third red object appeared ((00:07 – -00.17). the two red objects appeared together again at 00.09 – -00.16. sometimes a red object would appear by itself such as at 00:09 – - 00.16. at 00:08 – -00.17 two red objects that have stayed together are visible, in one click the one on the left becomes fainter and sort of appears as if it is moving down, in the next click a red object appears under the right red object that is still on, as if the left object moved to the right and under the right object which stayed lit. because several red objects sometimes came on together, possibly they were lights on a larger craft. sometimes they would form a triangle. both white and red objects sometimes appeared to have trails, for example white one at 00:03 – -00.22. these red objects were sharp, but others sometimes appeared that were less sharp and the witness didn’t know if these were just photographic artifacts, or objects with dimmer lights, or red objects in motion. some of the white flashes were much clearer and more distinct than others. when the witness am recording stars or airplanes with this camera after dark, the witness see no flashing objects like this, so they weren’t camera artifacts. the main time there are camera artifacts on this camera’s videos is when the battery is low. these artifacts are normally rectangular-shaped and sometimes they contain colors or designs. they aren’t flashing objects like these. the witness posted this video on youtube on that day and has posted more several more times. because one could see a lot less on youtube than on the hidef video, the witness just posted several slowed down, enhancements of the video to show what some of the blinking objects looked like and a general view. the witness also tried adding a hidef video, but the youtube ones didn’t have enough pixels to show much and the witness received no comments. the witness thought the iphone was pointing in the general area of the southwest when the witness took the photos and the photos were in full high definition. the camcorder was mounted on a tripod and pointing south. it was a sony hdr-hc5 hdv 1080 4mp minidv hi with 10x optical zoom and digital zoom. the recording was made in 1080p full high-definition video on dv cassette tape. the camera has night vision, but the witness had it set for day vision, so the witness could see the color of the planets. the video was transferred to an imac computer using imovie. the video is large, 425 mb, and the witness did not know how to send it. the youtube video upload shows much less than the actual video. the witness has the original photographs that were sent from the iphone tothe computer and the tracking information. the witness thinks the gps had been turned off. the photo’s exif data existed. this worked and the witness was able to extract the digital information from the photographs, as shown below: the witness used the internet program “camerasummary.Coms” to extract the exif information. the photographs that had originally mailed to the computer provided a complete exif. have several videos on youtube. the first one below shows the general sighting. the second one below shows a hidef upload, but it does not show nearly as much as the original video which is 1080p full hd

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Credit: MUFON

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