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Saturday, November 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Roy, Washington on 2017-07-18 21:15:00 - 4 star like lights blinking and forming a triangle that elongated.

I was driving to work and only a very short distance from my home when i noticed blinking lights in the distance, through some trees, and i thought at first that it was a cell tower but then i remembered that there is no cell tower or any other sort of lighted tower there. the trees were obstructing my view so i waited to pull over until i had driven out where there was no obstruction to my view and i pulled over onto the side of the road. (it only took approx 15-30 secs to get out of the treed area and to the clear view and parked) i got out of my car to observe them. the lights were quite a distance from me, probably at least a mile out but less that 1.5 miles i think. they were at the sky line and i noted that it was interesting that they seemed to be doing a sort of design in the sky. i saw one star like white lite fly straight up and then suddenly stop and then two other star like lights, slightly smaller than the first flew down at angles to the central one so that they formed a triad and then another light came straight down to form an elongated diamond. then one by one they blinked out. the big one in the top center was the last to blink out. it stayed there blinking and then slowly faded it's light out. there was something else the bigger light did that was strange but i can't remember where it fit in this sort of dance they did. it was blinking and then suddenly got brighter and from it's left side, it seemed to fling out these sparks of colored light in an arch that dissipated quickly. the colors were blue, red, green. it almost looked like what you would expect from a fire work but there was no sound and it was more controlled. thank you for this opportunity to tell my observation. i first told it to nuforc.Org and someone called back and left a message that it was probably soldiers from the base practicing jumps. it did happen near the base but if those were soldiers practicing parachuting.....They have got some pretty wild moves and are able to control their flight path very well even disappearing briefly and then coming back in a whole different place.

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Credit: MUFON

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