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Sunday, November 12, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Ohio on 2003-04-30 00:00:00 - Bob & fam taking young girl home. found ufo over her house. she refused to get out. 4witnesses

i have never seen a ufo. however, there are so many compelling stories from ranking officials that i decided to watch the skies when driving to and from work. late last year i discovered a co-worker whom i have known for over 20 years but had never asked if he had seen a ufo. he is a well respected no-nonsense vietnam war vet and i guess i just never thought to ask him. his answer shocked me. his story frightened me. because i believe it to be true. the exact date is still being researched. the year (2003?) we had a company picnic at strickers grove amusement park. on the way home that night from our company function, bobby [xxxxx] was driving his wife, daughter and daughter's friend home. when bobby arrived at the child's house to drop her off, there was a large football shaped object (600-800 ft in diameter!) hovering bright and silent over the little girls house. the girls house was lit like daylight from the object. the dogs in her house and in the area were all barking loudly. the little girl would not go into her house or even get out of the truck and gave indication she had seen this before and was terrified. the house where it all happened still stands but has no house number and has not been occupied since. the child is now grown and says she is unwilling to recount the story or details. however, bobby, his wife and daughter are more than willing to talk to mufon at my request. witnesses: bobby witness​#2 bobby's wife witness#3: (child, now an adult) witness#4 (child, now an adult) [widtheld out of respect for her privacy] address where sighting occured: (house# unknown) rt.68 & upper 5 mile, mt orab, ohio (unoccupied since incident) all have been contacted by my friend who was driving that night. all but witness #4 (now an adult) agree to be interviewed and provide drawings of what they saw that night.

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Credit: MUFON

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