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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Gilford, New Hampshire on 1999-01-23 03:10:00 - Five straight days five different events, sighting with father, siding with mother, event with girlfriend,bedroom girlfriend, 2-bedroom myself

First my father and i were traveling back to gilford from north conway from visiting my uncle. i was 16 at the time maybe 17, i was riding the front passenger seat of my father's vehicle. as we traveled up the hill to go towards interlakes school i noticed to my left about 500 feet above the treeline which was about a football field length away from the road a white floating object in the air. i pointed it out to my father and my father jokingly i said maybe it's a ufo. but as we looked on we noticed that the object was making odd terms at fast speeds. my father slow to polly about 15 to 20 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone cuz i'm assuming he was starting to think it was a ufo. as we slowed the object seem to stop darting around. we sat there on that stretch of road doing 15 to 20 miles an hour for a good 2 to 3 minutes until it's shot up into the air. the following night my mother and i are traveling home from shopping at the local grocery market raven mcintyre circle, as we pass below the bridge to the bypass i noticed a glowing object above the treeline, it seems directly beside the water tower, but i could tell it was further back i pointed out to my mother and she paid no mind to it. the next night my girlfriend stay the night her and i we're arguing pretty heavily before we went to bed. i remember this part the most cuz i remember being hot in my bedroom and we were both sleeping on a twin size bed that was next to the wall next to a window. i remember talking myself up against the wall purposely not trying to have contact with her because the way she was acting that night. i remember waking up around 12:30 a.M. and cracking the window no more than an inch because it was hot. at the time my father had a dog that was a one-person owner he was it one hundred percent dedicated to my father and didn't like anybody else in the family very noisy and very nippy, very protective. if i walk to the bathroom that dog which was a chihuahua would start barking its head come running out of my father and my mother's room which was next to the room, you would have to slam the door shut before he bit at your ankles. my father and my mother are very very very light sleepers my girlfriend at the time was it very very very light sleeper. i am a light sleeper. my girlfriend i awoke at 310 a.M. my clock was right there on the nightstand first thing i noticed when i awoke. my girlfriend walk at the same exact time. she told me close the window because it's cold in here. i told her you close it you're next to the window. it took a few seconds then we both realized at the same time that we were different spots in the bed. the thing is she never slept next to the window cuz she was always cold. both of us could figure out how we swap spots. i got up and i went to my father's room as soon as i open my bedroom door which is on the opposite side of the house from my father's an mothers room i could hear the family dog barking his head off and running down the hallway. after shoving him aside i went to my parents room which they where already awke and ask them if they heard my girlfriend or i get out of bed to use the bathroom(basically asked if the dog woke them up or heard someone in bathroom because the walls are extremely thin literaly). they both said no they didn't hear nothing,the dog,the door, or the toilet. my girlfriend an i went trying to figure out how we ended up in different spot in a twin size bed without waking each other until we fell back to sleep. the next to days was the weirdest... why they were so weird was because i thought nothing of them until over a year almost 2 yrs later. the next night i remember waking, when i woke i was facing my clock an i remember the time saying 310 am. almost instantly i round over to face the window, i pulled back the curtain and in the window it was a giant ball of light that covered the entire upper window. i remember clear as day saying to my self an d out loud "oh...It's just the moon." i closed the curtain roled over an went back to sleep. the very next night i awoke an i was facing my alarm clock an again it said 310 am. i again instantaneously roled over pulled back the again an there that same giant ball of light in the upper window... an for the second time i remember saying to my self an out load "oh...It's just the moon." then i roled back over an went to sleep. both time when i actually though about when i realized what happened, i can remember what i said was light not me saying it. i mean it was my voice but it felt like it was pre-recorded an i was just listening to it. i know i said the words cause i can remember feeling my mouth move. it was almost like someone or something had control over my body an i was just the passenger. cause even rolling over an going back to sleep didn't feel like i was the one that actusally was doing it. ever since i've realized that all these things are linked ive had trouble sleeping at night. like right i filling out this at 4-5 am.

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Credit: MUFON

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