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Friday, November 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Roches Beach, Tasmania on 2017-11-18 10:30:00 - Look like venus would in the day sky but then flew away picking up speed as it moved

We were in our back yard, i was doing some yard work and the kids were playing. the kids said there was a ufo in the sky and pointed it out to me, i first thought it was a balloon but then noticed it was not moving even though there was a steady medium to light breeze. then i thought it was venus because i had seen venus in the day sky before (it was in the news). there was high level scattered clouds that would pass between us and the object and there was a tree close by i could use as a reference point to determine that it was not moving which reinforced my belief that it was venus. we watch it for about 10 minutes just to make sure it did not move and that gave us cause to just walk away and go about our business. about 10 minutes later i look up just to see if it was still there and that is when i felt it had moved further to the north by northwest then the rotation of the earth should have allowed. so i got my telescope and tried to get a closer look and when i found the object in my scope it appeared be be drifting in the north to northwest direction at a speed in which i could detect. the object had now gone behind the tree so i went to the other side of the tree to see it again which i could and that is when it really started to pick up speed and vanished, it vanished at about the same speed the iss would when it passes over head and disappears into the night side of the planet. then as i was trying to require it i saw a faint flash and then could not see it again. i have worked around aviation in the navy and i have seen weather balloons, this could not have been a conventional air craft but it could have been a weather balloon. the surface winds were coming from the opposite direction in which the object was heading, but as i said the object was above the clouds and i don't know the wind direction at that altitude. what i saw in my telescope appeared to be a reflective object with a dark band around the middle but it could have been just that i could not focus well enough on the object. i just wanted to post this in case anyone else saw something here in southern tasmania this morning

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Credit: MUFON

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