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Sunday, November 5, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Prineville, Oregon on 2017-10-29 00:00:00 - Star-like light pulsating red, silver and blue light hovering over the apple data center.

In this last august, i drove thru prineville to go to an outdoor festival event called the oregon eclipse festival. while i drove thru prineville, i noticed a strange looking building on my left side that looked military. there was something strange about how it looked. it was big, rectangular and grey with no markings on the outside. but the outside of it was totally lit up with exterior lights. i thought it might be a military base. at the festival, i saw a ufo on early sunday morning and figured it might have to do with that strange building i saw in prineville, since the festival was physically near prineville. i decided to return to prineville to investigate the building. on october 28th, i drove to prineville. around 11:00pm, i drove past prineville airport. at first, i thought it could be the airport. it was not. i drove past it and first saw a sign for "national guard armory" right before the strange-looking grey buildings. i figured the buildings must belong to the national guard. i drove to my hotel, got my key then drove back up to the ochoco waypoint lookout. i thought it might be locked but it was open. seemed like the best place to spot a possible ufo as it was high in elevation. i drove up the road and parked at the top. i waited there for anything to happen. i had my video camera ready for digital filming. around midnight, an older truck drives up and i two young guys park and hang out, talking about teenage stuff. i sat in the darkness under the pavilion and waited for them to leave. after about 20-25minutes, they got back in their truck and left the lookout and drove down the hill. after they left, i enjoyed the view and took a couple videos clips of the city lights below and of the grey buildings which i thought were the national guard. the moon was low on the horizon so i got some good video of the moon next to the grey buildings. around 1am on october 29th, while i was walking around looking at the sky, i spotted a flickering/flashing light in the sky. i got very excited and started recording on my digital video camera. i could not believe i was seeing a ufo in the city i thought they would be in. i was in shock. the light was flashing a bright red-blue color, in a random fashion. it was almost starlike but much brighter, about twice as bright as the stars in the sky. also saw some greenish light and some silvery light too. it was almost eye level, only a couple degrees higher than my position on that lookout. when i zoomed in, it appeared that the light was spinning somehow. the light would dim then brighten and dim again randomly. but there seemed to be a sort of pattern to it too. i also noticed early on that the light seemed to be affecting a street light i think, as there was this orange glow near the ground glowing brighter and dimmer. i caught it on digital film as the ground light glowed brighter then eventually went out completely. i had trouble using the focus on my simple video camera, so some of this part is blurry. i sat the video camera down as the light hovered in the distance, just left of some street lights. i used the street lights as a reference point to show the ufo movement over time. i sat my video camera down on a wall and used my wallet to prop it up so i could get a good view of the ufo. i narrated the video with my observations. after about 10-15 minutes, i heard a car coming up the road. it had new, whitish led headlights. it drove up to the look-out, drove around the roundabout up there and then drove back down the road. i was at my camera recording, and completely froze when this happened. i thought i was in trouble. i didnt get a look of the car, all i know is that it had white led headlights, likely a newer car. this made me slightly paranoid. about 30 more minutes go by, and i am getting cold. i head to my car, and start it up then realize that i flashed my headlights at the building. i got paranoid when this happened and quickly turn off my car. i head back to my video camera that is still recording, and i am there for about 10 more minutes. i hear another car come up the road. it has newer led headlights again. it comes around the road again and i get real paranoid but i look at the car. its a newer model white sedan car with white headlights. no logos or markings. looked like a woman was in the car. hard to tell thou. the car drives around the roundabout and again heads back down the road. this makes me really paranoid but i am determined to get more footage. i continued to film. about 25 minutes pass and i head to my car again. my memory card was getting low on space, but i wanted to use all of it here at the lookout for this ufo. at this point, i was getting cold again and needed to warm up. the ufo was still hovering in the distance. i could tell it was moving around slightly, like fluttering almost, but always came back to a hover. it was slowly moving away from its original place. the flashing red-blue light kept going the whole time. i was in my car when i heard a large truck driving up. now i got really paranoid. i jumped out of my car, and tried to quickly run over to my video camera. but as i made it to the middle median in the middle of the roundabout road, the truck drove around and cut off my path. it was driving kinda fast for the road which you should drive slower due to the sharp turns. i stopped in the middle of the median area and let the truck past so i could get to my video camera, which i thought would be stolen at this point. i walk across the street, thinking the truck would keep driving. the truck stops in the middle of the road, puts it in reverse and cuts my path off again, almost hitting me at around 5 mph. i freeze in the middle of the road. i get a good look at his truck. its a newer truck with a metal rack thing behind the cab. it looks like a flat bed type truck. its white in color. no logos or markings. it also had those newer led headlights. i looked at the guy in the truck, he just looks at me. we look at each other for a long couple seconds then he slowly drives away. truck has a strong, deep tone to its engine. at this point, i got a strong feeling that the guy in the truck was trying to intimate me and scare me off. and it worked. i got very paranoid and decided it was time for me to leave. if this was a government truck, i had to get out of there before i got into trouble looking at this ufo. i walked over to my camera, and stopped the recording. i got my stuff, went to my car and waited a bit to see if that truck was gone, then started my car and drove back to my hotel room. on the drive there, i got real paranoid that i was being followed. it seemed like i wasnt, but during the entire morning, i could not sleep as i thought about what just happened to me. sadly, i did not get this situation with the truck on video, i think my video camera had some kind of error or something. also, i later found out that those strange buildings were actually the facebook data center. but i have a feeling that might be a front. i believe that facebook might have a partnership with the national guard in some way. i also researched the location where i saw the ufo. it was almost directly over the apple data center. i think there must be some kind of military connection to the apple data center and/or facebook data center. i included video of the facebook data center and a panorama prineville from the lookout as reference of my location. i also saw other things that night, near sunrise, which i will make another separate report for. note: i recorded 7 clips totaling about 1 hour and 20 minutes of footage, but when i tried to upload them, my browser crashed after hours of uploading. each video clip is very large, therefore i am only uploading the first video clip for practical purposes.

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Credit: MUFON

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