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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in ELLAND, England on 1999-12-23 22:16:00 - Dark object with light seen near horizon and then almost over head in a few seconds, hovered for a number of seconds or could of been minutes and then changed direction and shot off and disappeared.

Just finished doing the lighting for a local school christmas drama show that i was a student at. whilst walking down victoria road on my way home to rastrick, i noticed a strange light in the horizon. the object was very dark against the night sky, but had lighting all around it. the object was triangle shaped, and had different lights such as red, green, blue, white and yellow. that changed randomly, it also seemed these lights were not static on the craft but they seemed to move too. as soon as i spotted the object, it immediately came closer to where i was walking, almost directly overhead. from the horizon location to where it hovered overhead must have been 3 or more miles. the craft made this distance in a matter of seconds and then hovered. when trying to explain how long this craft hovered directly above me is very difficult. i cant describe if this was a matter of seconds or maybe 5 minutes or more. all i can remember is a strange feeling, and feeling like what the hell is this thing above me. after a period of time, the craft then shot off towards the blackly / ainley top area and disappeared, it took matter of seconds to get to this area again before it disappeared. from originally seeing it, to hovering and then changing direction and flying off the angle must of been around 110 degrees. as soon as it disappeared i remember questioning on what it could of been. totally disregarding it could of been a ufo, but the more i thought about this the more i couldn't answer what it could of been. no aircraft i knew of could fly so fast, hover and then change direction so quickly. i proceeded to make my way home. which involved a long walk up a steep dark hill. i called my parents at the bottom of the hill requesting they came to pick me up. at this stage i felt terrified in walking up this hill that i had walked up hundreds of times before. eventually my mum came to collect me, and wasn't happy. i told her the events that night and i was laughed at and wasn't taken seriously. probably thought i was making up stories to get a lift home. after going to bed for the night, and waking up in the morning. the first thing my mum said was sorry when i got up. when asking why, she informed me she had listened to the local radio station that evening, where they had a talk show phone in style show. apparently many people called in and had described the exact same sighting to the radio station, in fact that many people mentioned it that the presenter tried to contact air traffic control who confirmed they were no aircraft in that area at that time. i left a report on a website back in 1999 when this happened, but cannot find it at all online. i still remember all the details as if it happened right now, something i dont think ill ever forget. would love to hear from anyone who saw the same sighting, and also the reports on the local radio station.

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Credit: MUFON

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