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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2017-11-07 21:55:00 - Glowing red orbs sighted above downtown los angeles

I parked my car and walked west for a minute towards my house in echo park/ west lake, los angeles. from our street there is a clear view of downtown los angeles, mostly the northern sky scrapers including the newly built wilshire grand center. as i approached the gate to my yard, i noticed two glowing red orbs slowly moving south/ east towards the sky scrapers. at first i assumed they were helicopters, however after a few moments, i saw that there weren't any flashing white lights. i also saw a helicopter in the distance, a little further than the glowing red orbs, giving me a clear comparison between the two objects (i could see the white flashing lights, and body, and could see that the two objects moved in a different manner than the helicopter, more fluidly, although they weren't moving very quickly.) i had seen identical red orbs on the fourth of july, and so after determining they weren't helicopters, i stood there for about a minute to watch them. they seemed to be pulsating slightly in brightness. i was frozen trying to decide weather or not i should run into my house to grab my boyfriend (he has seen similar objects in the sky that he's described as ufos) or if i should stay and watch, worried they would disappear before i could get back outside. once they moved directly over the buildings in downtown, one seemed to slowly fade in brightness before disappearing. i began to turn to walk into my yard, deciding the second would disappear as well, but as soon as i started opening the gate door, three larger, brighter (i'm assuming closer) orbs appeared out of nowhere to the north of downtown. i ran into my house to grab my boyfriend and we both ran up the street to get a better view. we both stood and watched the three orbs slowly move across downtown, not in a straight line, but moving about fluidly like the first two. we watched for about 5 minutes before all three orbs slowly faded in brightness and seemed to vanish directly over the buildings. they did not disappear by moving further away, being covered by the buildings from our vantage point, they disappeared while in clear sight. there wasn't any cloud cover, we could see stars out and actually noted how clear it was. a black car that was parked behind us drove off as soon as they disappeared (not sure if they were watching the event or not) we both walked back into the house after waiting a moment to see if any more would appear. we could hear a couple helicopters fly in the direction of downtown, and continued to after an hour, however it's common for the downtown la area. unfortunately, in the excited state i was in, i took a video on instagram and sent it to my sister, forgetting to save the video, and not realizing the video would disappear as soon as she viewed it. she did watch it on while we were standing outside watching the event and agreed it was an incredible thing to see.

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Credit: MUFON

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