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Friday, November 24, 2017

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Alien Encounter in San Antonio, Texas on 2017-09-23 04:10:00 - Two alien beings observed within residence

It was between 4 a.M. and 4:10 a.M. on september 23rd 2017 when i woke up and went to the restroom. i frequent the restroom many times each night because of a medical problem that causes me to be a very light sleeper. i live with my two disabled parents and since noises easily wake and disturb them i have become very adapt to visiting the restroom in the middle of the night while being as very quiet as possible. the restroom is located down a thirty foot hallway and the hallway goes straight from my bedroom door directly to the restroom door. on one side of the hallway there are two other bedrooms and on the other side of the hallway is the living room and the kitchen. the living room has a doorway accessing the kitchen as well as a doorway accessing the hallway right outside my bedroom door. all the lights in the house were turned off except for a small night light in the kitchen which remains on all night for our cat to eat with. i did not notice anything different when i was walking to the restroom except one thing. i thought i had felt a slight electrical type charge in the atmosphere that made the house feel a little different, it did not feel like our house usually feels. i was in the restroom for maybe three or four minutes before i was ready to go back to my bedroom. i turned off the restroom light and as i was getting ready to turn the door knob to exit the restroom when i heard sounds that i misidentified. at first i thought i was hearing my cat's claws clicking on the kitchen floor as he was walking across it, which is a usual sound in the middle of the night because he eats his meals every night between 3 a.M. and 5 a.M. i quietly turned the door knob and exited the restroom. i was then standing in the hallway closing the restroom door behind me very quietly like i always do. the sound i misidentified seemed to be getting closer but i didn't think anything about it. i took one step forward toward my bedroom and i looked to my right. i thought i was going to be looking at my cat in the kitchen. i saw an alien about six feet away turning to look at me from the kitchen. i froze in mid stride and i looked at it for about five seconds while it was staring back at me. it was a short grey alien between three and four feet tall with a large head that had big black slanted eyes, no ears, a stubby nose and a small mouth. it's arms were long in proportion to its body. it was being back lit by the night light and appeared to be a off white grayish color while i was looking at the alien it began making soft clicking noises with its small mouth. i was standing there trying to figure out what to do. i began feeling more electricity in the air and i was trying to figure out if what i was looking at was real. a feeling of ease came over me and inside my head i heard a voice say to me that there was 'no danger, this might not be real'. being confused and scared i wanted to believe the voice in my head because i wanted to get away. i raised my right hand to see what would happen and the alien raised its right hand back at me. i started walking down the hallway toward my bed room and i couldn't stop thinking about going back to sleep. i got halfway down the hallway to my bed room door and i remember thinking 'what if there's more than one of those in the house'. i stopped in front of my bed room door so i could open it. as i was reaching out to grab the knob on the door i looked into the living room. about four feet away from me, standing in the doorway to the kitchen, was a tall alien that was facing towards me and was looking directly at me. it was basically like the short grey alien except it's torso was much longer making it about six to six and a half feet tall. i heard a calm and soft voice in my head saying, 'its ok just go back to sleep now'. i raised my right hand and moved it like i was waving. the alien raised it's right hand and waved back just like the short alien had done. by this time i was feeling a strong buzzing sensation all over my body. i remember hearing some more soft clicking sounds coming from the tall alien. i was overcome with an impulse i couldn't resist that made me reach out and open my bed room door. i walked into my bed room and closed the door behind me. i got into bed and fell asleep as though nothing had ever happened.

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Credit: MUFON

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