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Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Alien Encounter in Troutdale, Oregon on 2014-05-01 00:00:00 - Abducted to similar surroundings. over 3 yrs multiple abductions multipul whiteness 24 hr contact still

The first several abductions i was asleep then woke.I was camping outdoors off the river and the space around me was dead silent noticeably silent 20 ft from a steady flowing river and witch has normally lots of sound. none no sound at all when it happened. it duplicated my surroundings several time over several years from river banks to full blown music festival. dead silent dozens of people different circumstances for each event but all ways dead silent and different "%ages" of applied manipulation of the event.Over the course of several yrs several months of on off contact mentaly personally. ive felt every emotion and scenario possible i feel. several months after the first contact they exposed someone close to me. i began to fight back and they demonstrated thier control and began to demonstrate their abilitys.We are continually fighting. they have subjected me to scenerios of me fathering children also.On about the 4 or 5th contact they did some thing to my mind that allowed me to communicate with them as opposed to being just lisened to when they ask/ think the questions to us. we continually fight.I didnt like it but they wont undo what they did. they find people they like and say their helping but they need the mind of the host "us" to move around and try to find other minds they like and can deem tolerabul for what it is thier doing.Ive met and been in close co tact with several of the aliens or whatever. had conversations telepathically thats just how they do. also them demonstrating abilitys to link dreams or when i sleep make it a joined dream trying to demonstrated another world almost ive been their while awake also but to the same end like walking on to a movie set thats what theyr tryn to get me to belive . over and over . i don't like what they're they're doing. they keep tryn to change my mind useing every tactic imaginable. its indescribably inconcederate and mean.Theyr obsessive unreasonable they have this thing they just dont admit shit and do what they want.Tomorrow when i wake up they'll be their tryn to get me to keep my mind silent and clear dont think about it dont talk about it. tonight they visited briefly they're starting to lose control of who uses it. id like a mufon rep to contact me.Theyr starting to lose control i feel. i do t know what one mind can do but they fucked up when they fucked with me. its all in your head.......

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Credit: MUFON

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