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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dothan, Alabama on 2017-11-17 23:30:00 - Streaked from the treeline, then hovered above a star, then arced in a curve southeast

I feel more than a little foolish for reporting something so vague and without photo or video evidence, but i was told that mufon could benefit from my experience. i'm generally noncommittal on the subject of ufo's and believe there are much more important matters we as a civilization need to devote our attention to, however it is clear that they are a legitimate phenomenon, regardless of their nature, origin, or intent. below is a description of my brief experience with an event which occurred last week, but because i normally consider such phenomenon as both low-immediate-priority, and as something i have no business being involved with, and because there was a family emergency less than two days later, my recollection of the exact time and date is a bit vague. around 11:30pm on i believe friday, november 17, i was sitting on my front porch smoking a cigarette and reflecting on the events of the day. i looked down to regard the smoldering tip of the cigarette when i saw a blue-white streak in the topmost center periphery of my right field of vision. since i wear glasses and have quite an elaborate proscription, my first reaction was to scan the area for headlights, street lamps, or low flying helicopters, as i live near ft. rucker army base and the southeast alabama medical center, but there was no such ground or air traffic, no sound but my own breathing, and the street lamps cast more of a cool, amber light. i kept scanning the sky over the tree line, and the only thing which caught my eye was the apparent appearance of another star directly above the one which normally appears above the trees at that time of night. after double checking to ensure there was no helicopter(i still did not hear one and given the apparent size of the light, it would have been quite loud anyway), i focused on the second "star" since it clearly did not belong. as i continued focusing on it, the notion popped in my head that i could be seeing a ufo, and my attitude slowly shifted from noncommittal or even uncaring to intrigued, and eventually unsettled. approximately two minutes later, the light moved in a near straight line in a north by northeastern direction, then appeared to turn on a dime and streaked away toward the southeast. because my neighborhood has so many trees, my field of view was quite small, and the apparent area where the event occurred could have been covered by a small 4x5 inch notepad, so i cannot say with any certainty at all exactly where the object went after it dropped from view. i then smoked a few more cigarettes while mentally reviewing what i had seen, and i found myself increasingly unsettled, though i found the experience fascinating. i could not shake the feeling that the behavior of the object may have in part been intended to get my attention, although a friend whom i later told of the event seems to disagree. there was no sound or sensation of any kind associated with this event, no thoughts or emotions which appeared to be external in origin, just a gut feeling that i should not pursue it.

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Credit: MUFON

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