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Friday, November 24, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hartford, Connecticut on 1976-08-10 13:30:00 - Whille on foot walking between two four story blds i looked up and saw a huge craft moving extremely slowly

I was working as a guard for the pinkerton security co. at the stanley works corp. in new britain ct. i was 16yrs old and working my 2nd pt job. we were expected to preform "rounds" every 3hrs which meant walking the entire complex consisting of approx. 15 bldgs most 4-6 stories. i first noticed the object seemingly a mile or two to the south and maybe under a mile up. i was sitting at a desk looking out an open door when i noticed a very shinny object, and passed it off as the goodyear blimp. since it was my turn to do rounds, i left the office and headed down the ally between two 4 story bldgs. i began feel strange and at the same heard a low yet audible humming from over head. looking up i saw a craft that can only be described as immensee. so much so it completely blocked out the sun from my position on the ground. moving at a pace slow as i was walking, and stopped when i stopped, i saw in great detail the underside of this "ship" which looked like several battle ships welded together and upside down. during this event i remained completely calm, even relaxed, yet getting back to the office, i arrived on time and rounds complete, although i didn't recall doing so. that's when i began to feel panic and very confused. i don't even recall seeing it depart, but i was traveling north best i can remember. this event has been with me for over 40yrs, i have never spoken of it to anyone let alone put it in writing. thank you and be well. anthony luksas

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Credit: MUFON

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