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Monday, November 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Nashville, Tennessee on 2017-11-26 23:10:00 - Myself and my family and friends have been witnessing these for almost 1yr.I have made a police report to cheatham co. serriffs dept. an officer came to my home and also saw the object. he stated he would file as a ufo sighting. i see these late at night

I have been at my home and at work place. looking at the night sky i first witnessed these objects approx. 1yr ago. i knew it was not a star; the reason being i was a pathfinder in the 82nd airborne division at fort bragg, n.C. and have been trained in night navigation by the stars. the object to the untrained eye would at first appear to be a star. if watched for approx. 5 min. it would pulsate blue and white and move direction up, down and lateral; sometimes circular. i called the control tower at fort campbell, ky which is only 30 miles from my home and channel 4 news in nashville, tn. i did not lose sight of the object as the longest i ever stayed outside to watch the object was approx. 30 min.; although it would move numerous times and change colors. i observed aircraft in the same part of the sky. the pilots of these aircraft have to be seeing this. the area of the sky that i see them the most is under the belt stars of orion.

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Credit: MUFON

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