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Friday, November 3, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Dallas, North Carolina on 2016-09-01 22:00:00 - Me and my wife saw a white blue pulsating light above us while we were in our hottub. its flight path was what looked like 10000 mph with instant turns and stops. it connected with us. plz help

Me and my wife had put our kids to sleep. we got into our hottub around 10 pm. we commented on how clear the sky was and how beautiful the stars were. my wife then pointed to what she thought was a star. i am an eagle scout so i have star gazed many nights when i was younger. i told her it wasnt a star because it was a white with a blue tint radiating from the edges. it appeared to hover with what looked like a harmonic vibration. i immediately told her it was not a star and to not look away from it. as we looked at it we were frozen. absolutely frozen. i asked her "does it feel like it is with you?" she said it did. as we conitnued to watch i told her to not be scared. as soon as i said "that is a ufo!" it went from a hover to extremely fast arc flight path then stopped instantly. it then took a straight line flight path up and to the east. i have saw fighter jets scramble over the house under the speed of sound but fast, and that is no where near as fast as this. this object flew at what appeared to be 10,000 mph. instant stop and instant start with zero noise. my wife after it left ran into the house. we could have witnessed it for 3 minutes to 20 minutes. we dont know. we were lost in awe. a couple weeks went by and my brother came into town. my wife and i hesitated but we told him of the encounter. we talked about it for about an hour. we then walked outside. i immediately felt the same energy with me. i didnt have to look around for it. i walked around my house and knowingly looked straight up at it. i told him to not look away. he then saw a zig zag pattern followed by an up and away flight pattern at the same extreme speeds. again no noise. he was scared to death also and said he felt it as well. the speed it travels looks like it is close to the speed of a comet crossing the sky. the shooting stars that you barely get a glimpse of. this has impacted me. every time i think about it i goosebump all over instantly. i would love to talk with someone who could may explain more. thanks.

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Credit: MUFON

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