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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Chipping Norton, England on 1973-10-11 00:00:00 - Silvery daylight disc, flying from left to right, in a diagonal path down into solitary cloud, but did not emerge from other side.

1973 i was unemployed and homeless, so my old boarding school, penhurst national children's home for the disabled in chipping norton, oxfordshire, england, where my sister was still a resident pupil, allowed me to stay until i got myself sorted. one morning i woke up thinking of ufos. i hadn't looked at my ufo newspaper clipping collection for months. that day, i decided to do so…just to see if i could rekindle my interest. that day was october the 11th, 1973...Two days before the start of the yom kippur war...Something was in the air... after lunch that day, i decided to stay behind in the family unit called grenfell rather than return to the school buildings to work in the library, to help a member of staff, ******, with the dish washing up. as i sat by the kitchen sink, drying the crockery and cutlery, i looked out of the window. it was a clear blue sky apart from a solitary white cloud in the bottom right corner of my visual field. suddenly in the top left corner of the sky, i saw what looked like a silvery flying disc, hurtling diagonally downwards towards the cloud. i called to my friend to quickly come over and look. she did and was astonished at what she saw. "what on earth is it?" she exclaimed. "i don't know", i replied, "but it doesn't look like an aeroplane or bird, does it?" "no, what can it be?" "lets keep watching it. its heading down into the cloud and it will have to change direction if it is to avoid hitting the ground. wait and see what it does when it comes out the other side of the cloud, then we can decide if it's a plane because it will turn and we may be able to see it's wings." the flying object entered the cloud...But no matter how long we waited, we didn't see it emerge out the other side as it should if it was a conventional terrestrial aircraft. my friend and i were left none the wiser. several days later, i was telling someone about this strange aerial object and sylvia walked pass and i called her over, "hey ******, you remember that thing we saw the other day?" "oh, you mean the flying saucer?" she replied. i was amazed to hear her so matter-of-factly describe it as such. my friend was a no-nonsense mature spinster, a devout christian, not prone to flights of fancy, not overly imaginative, not interested in sci-fi as i am. what impressed me was the fact that i would not have so liberally called it a flying saucer, which, many of my friends would say, was uncharacteristic of me, even though that was what the object looked like...And yet this rational sensible older woman had no qualms, no problem with speaking candidly of what she saw. the day my friend and i saw the "flying saucer" turned out to be the day of a worldwide ufo flap, especially in the united states. that evening, we turned on the television and on a children's news programme, "john craven's news round", came numerous reports of ufos being sighted. for me, that was confirmation that my friend and i were privy to an extraordinary phenomena which had paranormal implications. the fact that i woke up thinking of ufos, then witnessing one with another person at midday, finally hearing that in the evening that thousands of other people had seen similar objects that day. yes, something cosmic was definitely happening and it seemed to synchronize with the arab-israeli conflict. were ets coming to watch the war?

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Credit: MUFON

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