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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Elysian Fields, Texas on 2014-11-30 22:30:00 - Ufo spotted above field with men in suits next to black vehicle

I was 16 at the time of this happening, and i was returning from a study session. i was late on leaving due to working late on a problem, and have to let my truck at the time, al ‘77 gmc sierra grande, warm up. i first noticed the vehicle after i noticed and oscillating glow in the treetops ahead. at first i thought it was just a bonfire as i did live in the country. as i got closer, my radio started fuzzing out, and my truck’s instruments started going haywire. as i got even closer, i notice my phone had shut itself off, and my truck died. i notice just before this happened that there was jet black vehicle on the side of the road with two men in black suits standing next to it staring at me. i felt this wasn’t something i was supposed to see. as i clear a patch of forest between me and this object, i noticed it was glowingfrom violet to blue to white to yellow to pink to red, and back to violet in a cycle. the surface of the object was a metalic silver/black with a window running down the middle. in these windows i could make out a few humanoid beings. in the top of the object, there were long prongs/antennae protruding from it, and rows of lights flashing different lights in a pattern. it emmited a low hum that made me feel somewhat sick, somewhat lulled. as i passed the men in the suits, i’m certain they were human, but i felt their stare was piercing through me. soon thereafter, my truck came back to life, and i booked it home. a day after the sighting, i heard what sounded like military choppers flying overhead, but, at the time, payed no mind to it seeing as how i lived 45 minutes from barksdale afb. they often did training flights over the area, and it wasn’t uncommon to see the, but these ones lingured around the school to the west, near where i sighted the object. the following 2 week i noticed black vehicles following around, and on one occasion, stopping and sitting in my driveway before turning around. they eventually left me alone, and i have yet to see them again, but i have seen a few craft in the sky since, but these were more triangular and often somewhat hidden in the night sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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