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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Arvada, Colorado on 2017-11-21 17:30:00 - Pulsating lights moved around area in sky for 30 min, between 1-7 lights at different times

My brother knows i'm interested in ufo's myself, and he called me as he was driving home from hanging out with his friends. he called me at 5:27 pm, saying he was looking at these odd lights in the sky. i told him to hang up and take a video, he apparently looked up and lights were gone. he drove home, picked me up and i had him take me to where he saw the lights. as we went down the same road, the lights appeared again. he pulled over and we watched the lights for a bit and that's when i took the videos. then we pulled into the parking lot of the baseball fields we were outside of and continued watching them for nearly 30 minutes. the lights appeared slightly larger than the stars visible in other parts of the sky, and were obviously lower than the stars and in front of cloud cover. they would move back and forth, never straying too far in the skyline from one another and just sort of slowly dancing around. they were far off, and at times there would be one visible, sometimes up to seven, but most frequently between two and three. i think it was first three lights, then one, then two, then seven, then three again. at first i thought it was drones, and still think it might be, but i'm not sure why they'd appear so bright and wouldn't have blinking lights. seemed as though they would be fairly larger than drones but it's hard to tell. the lights did not blink, it looked at one point like one of them might be, but they all did get brighter and dimmer (which is especially apparent in one of the videos). eventually they all just got dim and faded away. we watched airplanes fly by at different levels, and one plane flies nearby the objects in one of the videos. it is clear that the plane is blinking and the objects were not. i posted about the incident on facebook and a couple of my friends have seen similar lights within the past few days in the area. please feel free to email me with any further questions, i'd be happy to speak with a field investigator or even take them to the area.

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Credit: MUFON

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