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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2017-11-28 17:11:00 - Slow moving, then stationary shard shape frozen at an angle at far end of petroglyph national monument

I saw something really unusual today on my commute home from work. stuck in stop-go traffic on taylor ranch road, turning onto paseo del norte, i witnessed an unidentified solid object several miles away floating/levitating in mid-air above an area close to petroglyph national monument in new mexico. the object was somewhere between the national monument territory and a nearby (rarely used) airport. however, this thing was not an airplane or helicopter, due to the size and lack of movement. i can only describe it as a sharp, shard shape. like when you watch sci-fi movies and something explodes in the atmosphere so it rains down onto the earth. that sounds insane, but it literally reminded me of a scene where space wreckage slowly made its way to the earth's surface. problem is, this thing did not move, at all. the object was solid, and did not move. it was at a strange angle/slant, i want to say at 60-70 degree angle to the horizon. it wasn't a sun dog or any other weird aerial phenomena we have right now, as it was opaque and light did not pass through it. what had me so entranced (during evening traffic mind you) was that the angle the sun was setting should have passed light through it, but did not. there was a slight shine on the object, if we're talking about angles, it was on the top part of the object that was slanting down. it was like the sunset was reflecting/bouncing off the top of it. the total of the object was a dark grey metallic, with a bit of trail that my best guess would be black. this started around 5pm, mt, and ended when i was forced to keep with the flow of traffic (5:11pm). it was getting dark really quickly, and i felt if i had driven what i think was the 4 miles to the location, it would have been completely dark, plus, i couldn't get over to that lane. at this point i'm on paseo del norte, traveling at 5-15 mph with occasional stops. i only had my little point and shoot camera with me, a canon powershot g9x. the photos look like i have bird poop on my window, but i took these photos with my window down and during one of the moments where i didn't have to move my car at all (approximately 2 minutes). as i had to keep with the flow of traffic, i turned onto unser blvd. as i turned north onto unser, i could barely see the object, but it was still opaque and dark. at this point, i noticed a large black jet with lights (red, yellow, and i think white) approaching towards the object from the north (the direction i was driving to) and within a minute the object and the jet disappeared from my sight. i know the next field asks for witnesses, and i don't have any that i can talk to. but i can say when i was stopped in traffic taking photos, the car behind me noticed the phenomena in the sky as well. but i don't know who that person was. when i got home and looked at my photos, i noticed in one of them, there is a very tiny dot shaped object a couple hundred feet above the object i saw. it appears to be stationary too. i didn't remember seeing this at all, i was really fixated on the weird shard shape object i had seen the whole time.

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Credit: MUFON

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