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Saturday, November 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Whittier, California on 2005-12-30 04:04:00 - My deep voice, my appearance, my privates what i view as my soul, was taken without my permission around age 13-15. they have been returned to me and they feel radically different. the way they should. it is taken from me and it is torture.

I have video proof on youtube but unfortunately i cannot show it here. my soul was taken from me (or whatever scientific) term there us for that was removed and used by a foreign entity. i was only a teenager. i was left viewing the world from the visual perspective of a child. the age of 9. that would include my posture. i just had assumed i was a feminine gay guy and lived my life as an adult.I did not know. until i was told. :( i know now when i look back on my childhood my body felt different. it felt right. i lived my life and got unsatisfied and started to become a top. when i was on a roll my body started to change. i started to hear voices, which i believe are sent to me telepathically. later my voice was unlocked and i have a deep voice and i am straight. i notice women now and i am bisexual.But i identify as a gay top because that's what i am used to. i could only ever love a guy . i am more attractive now and i am viewing the world in the correct perspective of my natural age. i have had physical contact where i was suffocated temporally. i have a photographic memory and they can send memories and overlay life. my manhood was returned to me it had felt like a stringy appendage but now it feels like a dick (it's energy, i feel like a man now) i'm sorry for the details but my dick feels like one now and looks like one. it hasn't been like that since i was a teenager. it's the way it feels. it's more than that. it's in my eye. its taken from me without my consent and it causes great distress. i am being honest. they can physically assault me and this morning i was going to have a wet dream and i was stopped from emission while i had the physically pulsi mg. "there you did it" i am 26 years old. i feel alive. i never consent to feel any other way. it is my soul.

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Credit: MUFON

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