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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2017-11-28 18:02:00 - Bright light passed over home pulsated a few times. not a normal plane.

Tonight on november 28th 2017 my uncle and i witnessed a potential ufo. my uncle was outside of our house in colorado springs smoking a cigarette and observing the stars. he was looking east over pikes peak when he noticed a bright star that caught his attention because it briefly pulsated or twinkled suddenly. he also observed a star next to it and he was trying to figure out if the first star he saw was moving. it started to slowly rise and move to the right separating from the stationary star. at this point he realized it was some sort of a plane or so he thought. as it got closer to the house he realized that there were no standard airplane or helicopter strobe lights which we are used to seeing overhead since we live near the airport and many military bases. when it was almost overhead he quickly ran into the house to get me at which point i got up and ran out to the front with him because he made it seem urgent. when i got outside and looked up into the sky i saw this very bright white light that was much brighter than any star plane or other lights in the sky and it was moving from east to west. it did appear to slightly change directions at times but not drastically. i also observed it pulsate a few times but it was not constant and the pulses were close together. after no more than a minute of observing and filming this strange light it then began to dim until suddenly it vanished from site. we are very used to seeing the different kinds of planes, helicopters, both commercial and military flying over our home. this was much different than any other light we have seen in the sky. the footage that i captured does not do the brightness of this thing justice. all i can say is pay attention that you cannot see any of the bright colorado stars nor any other planes that were overhead during the sighting and you will notice i even mentioned the other planes in the sky and pointed the camera at them, but you can't see them because their lights were too dim for my camera to pick up. strange indeed.

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Credit: MUFON

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