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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Pasmul, Sumatera Utara on 2009-07-31 00:00:00 - 6 glowing lights at far distance, no sound. appeared stationary then slowly moved in different directions, picked up spead until vanishing

It was around 9pm local time. i was stationed at fob masumgahr (excust my spelling) by the town of pasmul in panjawai district. a few guys from my troop were headed down for a shower in the shower seacans but i was the 5th out of the tent and the 4 seats in the g-wagon were filled. so they laughed at me and drove away. fine, it's only a 3 min walk down the hill anyway. as i got about half was down it was very dark and i stopped to look up at the sky, noticing that there was a weird arrangement of 6 stars that i had never seen before. they were arranged in a rough circle but not so geometrical that it initially caught my eye. as i paused for a minute to ponder the constellation (or so i thought) i realized that they were all moving away from each other slowly. confused and believing that this must be some weird artillery or helicopters or something i stayed to watch. over the next 5 minutes they slowly sped up (at an exponential rate) until they raced from view to all corners of the sky. of course when i reached the showers and recounted the story i was met with laughs. aprox 1hr later i was up at my tent again and went out for a smoke noticing the same lights in the same pattern. i called the guys out and explained what had happened the last time (to a chorus of "its just stars your not used to seeing") but as we finished our smokes the lights proceeded to blast off in the same fashion they did before. now here is where i got a bit worried. at 11pm, right before bed i went out for one last smoke and looked up to see 18 of these lights in the same spot. same basic idea they all sped up in one direction or another until leaving at some ungodly speed. once again i called a few buddies out that were still awake. i went out a few times in between sightings to see if they were there but didn't see anything. never saw anything again like it. still crews a few of us out to this day. i would believe uav's or anything but the speed at which these things moved meant that either they were super tiny and close to the ground but somehow made no noise or were god knows what. honestly i would like someone to come with a picture and tell me it was just an optical illusion

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Credit: MUFON

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