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Sunday, November 26, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Irma, Wisconsin on 2016-11-14 16:28:00 - While on horseback on november 14, 2016 at 4:28 pm my wife and i did observe and at about the same time came to say out loud ufo!!! a highly super polished crome cigar shaped in appearance defying gravity when it saw us. slowed down.I

On november 14,2016 at4:28pm my wife and i were on horseback on the way home, we both observed a cigar shaped object coming from the north to south direction at a altitude of approximately 500-600ft and a distance of about the same. at about the same time we both said out loud “ufo” when it saw us it slowed down but not like anything we could comparison it to as it defied gravity. it was a highly polished crome in color, no identifiable fuselage none. no wings,no tail, no visible engines or exhaust trail, no sound,no lights or windows. the horses were not nervous in anyway but we did observe the air was muffled and no other sounds could be heard. we have a major highway not to far from this sighting and could not hear the highway in the background. after many years in the military i realized as my wife did this was not ours. after seeing us it picked up speed but again defying gravity as we know propulsion by today’s standards, and continued on a southwest direction then changed to a deliberate more south westerly direction. i did scramble to take pictures from my iphone which i still have but really missed the mother of all shots but still have pictures from a distance. for my wife and i this has been a unbelievable experience and have shared it with many of our close friends and family but it has changed us forever we have always known we are not alone in this is not the first time we have spotted objects in the sky.But never this close, this was a in yout face experience. took as many pictures until it was gone. we talked about it all the way home and at times in even saying “did we see just see what we truly saw a ufo” ? who do you go to? who do you show the pictures to, who is going to believe us? all the normal feelings people have. i do have difficulty sleeping but has not effectived my wife that way. as you observe something like this in seconds you process by all that one can and even overwhelmed like seeing a unicorn and trying to come to terms in belief of what you just saw was real, and want to tell the world but afraid of ridicule, this has changed me and my wife forever. we want the truth, and seek answers and willing to help others on this if need to be.We are both retired so we have the time. a profound experience for sure!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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