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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Can't remember, Arizona on 1994-05-15 00:00:00 - I saw a monstrous black "jet type" craft appear over a small mountain top

My husband, teenage son, and i were driving back through az to sd, ca.,where we lived. we were driving down a highway in a small mountain/foothills region of az. my husband was driving, son was in back seat, and i was up front in the passenger seat. suddenly, over the top, and very near to the top of a "foothill"/ small mountain, to my right, coming from the west, appeared a massive, dull black jet type air craft. it was looming, and moving very slowly at a low altitude over the top of the foothill. my husband caught it in corner of his eye and slowed down. this thing flew right in front of us, flying over the highway and slowly disappeared over the mountain on the east side of the highway. we were stunned. "whoaaaa....What was that"? i asked my husband, who was a vietnam veteran. he couldn't see it as well as i , because he was driving. we considered the b1 stealth bomber, but dismissed that, because it was much larger than a b1, and did not have the long, slender nose. my husband thought it might be some kind of experimental military air craft. it was solid, had the shape of an aircraft but seemed like a one piece unit with very large wings, & possibly a tail section. the general shape was triangular. additionally, there were no markings anywhere on the craft, it was flying very slowly, at low level and wasn't making a sound. it was eerie and unexplainable. we didn't like it. it seemed out of the ordinary and brazen, coming in so low, flying so slowly, in plain view, without seeming to care who caught sight of it. it was menacing, due to the sheer size. i remember wishing i had a camera to have captured it on film. thought no one would believe us if we tried to describe it. after a few minutes of pondering the thing, we didn't talk about it anymore.

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Credit: MUFON

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