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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Indianapolis, Indiana on 1974-09-10 19:20:00 - Round flight path was a zig zag pattern low to the ground lights very bright fuzzy looking. imagine the goodyeard blimp very close but the lights were so bright it made the sun look dim in comparison

I was playing hide and go seek with other young kids at a bowling alley on a monday. my mother was on a bowling team. i was maybe 9 or 10 years old. if i remeber correctly the name of the bowling alley was northeastern bowl.I grew up in indianapolis all my younger years which means ive see the goodyear blimp alot .It use to fly right over my house as a child every year. so i know what it looks like from every angle. so as i was playing hide and go seek, i looked up to see if my friends were hiding in some trees or possibly on top the building. thats when i noticed the object hovering, moving very slowly like a blimp. if i would have looked up sooner it would have been right over my head .Im going to say around 200 to 500 feet above me. but it was at an angle. moved very slowly like a blimp but it was not a blimp. it zig zagged across the sky and never changed shape. if a blimp zig zags it changes shape depending on the angle that you are viewing it at. so i called my friens in to help me identify the object. most of them were younger than myself.So they didnt know what they were seeing. so i went inside to get an older person to view the objest,they refuse to come outside. they thought we were making the whole thing up. so i ran back outside and watched the object continue to traverse the sky for around 15 to 20 minutes back and forth untill it went over the horizon. the strange thing about it was it had dull yellow lights spinning aroung the outside edge in a very random order. now imagine the goodyear blimp with lights so bright that even when the sun was still up that u couldnt possibly read the scrolling words on the side of it.To me it seemed like it was trying to mimic a blimp but the lights were so bright it looked fuzzy. now if i was paying money for advertizement on that blimp i would want my money back. because there is no way to read what was spinning around the edges of this thing. the more i thought about the way this thing moved across the sky it made me think that it was looking for something like scanning the ground.And ever since the day i witnessed this i have been searching for something that would at least look like what i saw that day. i havent found and exact match yet anywhere.And im 53 years old now .

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Credit: MUFON

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