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Monday, November 27, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina on 2017-11-25 20:40:00 - 8 orange/red orbs over span of an hour floating eastward over calibogue sound

Around 8:40pm noticed a large yellow light hovering over treetops of dafuskie island due west of south beach (hilton head). shortly after, noted orange/red orb floating across northern end of dafuskie island (haig point area) tracking due east. object was changing altitude slightly and brightening / dimming randomly. speed of object similar to speed of coast guard helicopters seen in the past flying in that area. once first orb was over middle of calibogue sound two more appeared next to each other behind the first object. all three tracked across the sound. the first object dimmed and disappeared upon reaching the shoreline of hilton head island. after this initial sighting five more orbs were seen one at a time in 3-5 minute intervals with same color, rough altitude, speed, and random brightening / dimming pattern. one of these five orbs dimmed and disappeared while over the sound. all other orbs remained lit until out of sight behind trees blocking view as they tracked over hhi heading east. the seventh orb noted emitted light beams from the front and rear angled downward at a 45 degree angle (like half of a star burst effect of bright lights at night). event lasted about an hour. after last orb had exited area the large yellow light first noted moved/rotated. at this point it became obvious that this initial yellow light was a search light from a helicopter. said helicopter moved out of the area going due south over dafuskie island toward tybee island. multiple commercial airplanes were noted in the area during the event going south to north on the far side of dafuskie on their normal landing pattern for savannah hilton head airport. original thought was these lights were drones but seems unlikely due to the number and distance of travel. orbs were following direction of prevailing winds that evening. there is a fairly popular wedding venue at the orb's point of origin making me think chinese lanterns could be the culprit, however, orbs seemed to move much faster than prevailing winds that evening. a call to haig point club inquiring about weddings and use of chinese lanterns that evening could solve this case

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Credit: MUFON

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