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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Hell Town (near Paradise,, California on 1972-04-30 00:00:00 - Around 1972 or 1973 a unknown object followed my family and i till we got home, it hovered then shot off quickly into the sky.

I haven't talked to too many people about this incident except my immediate family and a few friends. it happened either in 1972 or 73 and it was probably in the spring time because i remember it was pretty warm out. i am telling my story now because i am pretty ill and would like to share it and see if maybe someone else had a simular experience around that same time. i was about 9 years old at the time and my family and i lived in a mountainous area in a rustic cabin in a area called hell town. my mother, stepfather, two brothers and a sister had just spent a day in chico, ca. shopping and were driving home in our pickup truck when this happened. back then people were allowed to sit in the back of trucks and that is just what my siblings and i did all the way home. we had just reached a place where there was a covered bridge on a road called honeycut run road when we first saw the object. since we were in the back of the truck outside we could see everything very clearly. and that is when we first saw the lights above us. what first made it unusual is that it was following us through the windy mountain roads and it was pretty low for any normal aircraft and one of the strangest things to me was it was completely silent. there was no noise at all coming from it like a helicopter or plane would make. the other thing that stood out a lot were the white lights on the bottom of the craft that were going around in a circular pattern on the bottom. none of this ever changed. it followed us closely for almost 20 minutes,m if we went right it went right, left,it went left. never leaving our sight. we all were totally quiet and i felt almost paralyzed with fear at this point. we later told each other how we felt we were being watched, observed. i didn't get a good description of the craft because it was getting dark out, except the lights and that it was round in shape, fairly large and completely quiet. but it didn't leave any emmissions, smoke behind it. it seemed to almost fly effortlessly above us. when we finally reached our little cabin it was completely dark as it was now nighttime and in the woods.Except for the white lights on the bottom of the craft that never once stopped or wavered. i remember my mother jumping out of the truck just as we pulled in yelling at us to "stay put" and the whole time the craft just hovered right above us silently. we just sat there silently, huddled together. suddenly my mother came running out of the cabin with a lit lantern in her hand and started waving it back and forth in the air and in a blink of a eye the craft shot up to the night sky and disappeared. faster then a bolt of lightning. i have never then or since then seen anything disappear that fast.It took my breath away.We weren't a very close communicative family back then so none of us talked about it much through the years. now it is just my 2 brothers and i left that were witnesses to this sighting. i'm close to both of them now and recently talked to one of them about that night. everything is just how i remembered it. one thing i always found kind of humorous was the reason my mom waved the lit lantern at the craft. she said that she was hoping they would know we were friendly and land so we could meet them. okay mom.

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Credit: MUFON

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