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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Varna, on 2017-08-12 10:12:00 - Car dissappears behind me with a blue flash

Driving my renault kangoo to dobrich, i turned in front of the asaid car at general kiselovo on the dobrich road( car type that ive never seen before )- registration number twn 365 / strange manufacture insignia of manufacture /driver wearing a strange helmet type of head set or sunglasses. my observation of the driver he was massive ( over wieght or obese with double chin) this car followed me for several miles and many times 'tail gated' me, untill on the approach to a village called vedrina, where he nearly collided with the back of my car. i challenged his m.O. with hazard warning lights and break lights. he then backed off to 50 yards and a 'blue flash' occured, at first i thought it was traffic police pulling me over, but, there was no car at all. the car cmpltely dissappeared into thin air. i immediately pulled over to comply, but the car car dissappeared into thin air and no other traffic was on the road. i did stop right away and walked up the road for a kilometer and there are no roads off the road we were travelling, only freshly ploughed felds. i smelled a strong smell of ozone when i got out of my car. and the 'blue flash reflected in all 3 rear view mirrors, which led me to believe it was a police agent stopping me for a spot check. i reseached the registration number and it does not exsist, the closest i can find id u.S. army ???? all i have reported on is, as true in detail and accuracy as possible. thanking you and hope this helps you some how. graham bird bulgaria ( ex london)

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Credit: MUFON

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