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Friday, December 1, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Villa Park, Illinois on 2017-11-30 17:22:00 - Was talking on phone in parking lot when i saw the object in the east it was in slow flight receeding from me. i was amazed as it looked like the iss except it was low close and it's shape was an hour-glass which was illuminated red with white appendages

Background: i had just witnessed the iss overhead, zenith, in it's spectacular glory at 5:17 pm. it had flown from west at zenith to the east. i was alerted to it by my friend whom told me it would be the brightest ever just 3 minutes prior as i was driving to the chinese restaurant to pick up an order for dinner. the iss was the best i've ever seen. the body was illuminated and the solar panels were to it's sides one to the north and one to the south folded like wings. i had parked the car in the east gate shopping center parking lot and tried to get a better view with my small binoculars, they didn't help so i grabbed my large 50mm binoculars from the trunk and couldn't focus in time. after the iss had departed to the east north east and was going out of sight i went in to mr. wonton's to pick up my food which i had called in. once outside at my car i called my friend who alerted me to the iss. as we were talking he asked if i saw a second object traveling with or beside the iss and i said no. then to the east, directly east of the shopping center at 30 degrees i saw an object that looked like the iss! it had the same appearance which is very unique except it was low 500 feet or lower and its body was illuminated cherry red in an hour glass shape. the white portion was exactly like the iss solar panels. it was in slow flight, not hovering. i told my friend and don't know if i described it i was so excited. i don't know what it was. it was unlike any airplane or helicopter ive seen and my binoculars were in the car. i couldn't take my eyes off it except for an instant when i told my friend i'll try to capture it on the iphone. the photo did not turn out all i could get was a bright light in the sky higher than street lights. i watched the object for several minutes till it receded from view. i got in car thinking maybe i could chase it but realized it was already a mile or so away and chasing it in suburban traffic would be fruitless. i can later do a sketch of the object and perhaps find a map to download.

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Credit: MUFON

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