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Saturday, December 2, 2017

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Black Triangle Sighting in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin on 2017-12-02 00:00:00 - Very low. hovering object. saw object as a passenger in a vehicle. object passed between witness and moonlight. could see that it was a clear/glasslike triangle. freaky.

My girlfriend and i were driving north on highway 41 in fond du lac wi. my girlfriend was driving and i was seated in the front passenger seat. the object was north east of us when we first saw it. initially we thought it was an airplane. the object was not far from the highway...Maybe a few hundred feet to the east and a few hundred feet in the air. it had two green lights and one red light. once we got closer we realized it was not an airplane and we thought it was lights on some sort of stationary power pole or something. we literally drive right by it and could clearly see that it was not connected to anything and was not a plane. at the point we drive by it was directly east of us on my side of the vehicle. as we passed the object was between my view and the moon. i was able to see in clear view that it was a triangle with lights at each point. i could also see through the object with the help of the moonlight. it was essentially a hovering triangular seamless peice of glass with lights on it. once we got north of the object i continued to watch it out the back window and could see that it started to move west at an increasing speed. it was heading west until i lost sight of it as we continued driving north. my girlfriend is/was a non believer in ufos. we both had no idea what to make of it. she actually got a little upset. being that i was not driving and was on the right side of the car i got a very good look at it for about 45 seconds. it was shocking to me and am even a bit shocked while writing this. it was simply a sort of smaller compact aircraft that was essentially translucent, seamless, and triangular.

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Credit: MUFON

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