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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Malibu, California on 2017-08-31 18:48:00 - Observed object traveling along pch and i tracked it and watched it for 10 minutes.

I have recently had a personal encounter with a ufo. i have a blog about ufo's and posted about this back in august right after it happened. the post details out my encounter in as much detail as i could gather and recall. all times are extracted from time stamps on the pictures i took. on thursday, august 31st at approximately 18:48 (6:48pm) pst i witnessed a ufo flying approximately 100 feet above the water (at the most). the object was moving parallel to the pacific coast highway (pch) on the south end of malibu near the intersection of big rock drive. from my perspective the object looked to be approximately 100 feet above the water. i would approximate the speed of travel to be only about 20 mph. note.. i had to drive that fast to keep up with it. after a few minutes of pulling over and taking pictures i was able to pull to the side of the road and take a bunch of pictures and video it. the object happened to turn north right towards my position. i was able to continually take pictures and video the object until it disappeared over a hill. i tried my best afterwards to find it again. i drove up in the back roads of the hills desperately trying to find it again, but could not. i have placed as much detail as i could in my post. i have also put a logo on the video. i did this because i didn't want skeptics or any hacks taking my video and making some fake news, or fake ufo video posts on youtube.. like they do. i take this subject seriously. other than the logo placed on the video none of the images have been altered at all. the pictures and story are 100% true! all that i have on this encounter is laid out in detail.. make of it as you will.. but i can say for sure that this encounter was surreal for me. i was a 100% believer before.. but now after i have had this personal encounter i can say for sure that any news stories or evidence i see from this point forward pale in comparison (personally) to what i have experienced. every detail is on my blog.. the url is http://verityx.Com

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Credit: MUFON

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