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Monday, December 18, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Monroe, North Carolina on 2017-12-17 23:40:00 - Observed large circular object above my head after feeling hairs standing up over my body

I have 4dogs living with my wife and myself,.My german shepard captain who will be 2 in april is a very smart dog..Also very protective of me and my family.. nothing gets around my house (we have 3and a half acres)..My wife had gone to bed and i was up late watching a movie. the dogs were lying around me sleeping..Captain sat up and it looked to me like he heard something..We have a lot of deers around where we live and i assumed that's what he heard.I got up to let him out..I put him on leash and took him out..Usually he will pull and tug at the leash but this time was different..He stood in the driveway and turned his head at an angle like he does when he hears police sirens but i heard nothing...That's when every hair on my body raised up..Goose bumps on my arms..And on captain..The hair rose up on the center of his back from his neck to his tail..Like it does when he's about to attack..Which i have taught him..When he looked up over his shoulder so did i..Moving just above the tree tops was a disk for better words,twice the size of my house in diameter..It was lighter than the sky but the light was very dull..Moving about as fast as someone jogging..I watched it pass almost directly over my house.. slightly to the left of my garage as i was standing in front of..I knew i was looking at something that could not be doing what it was doing..It made no sound..But i felt scared me..As it passed over me i could feel something crawling over me like something scratching my skin..All i could do was watch it pass over me and out of sight..When i could no longer see it i just stood there..I looked down at captain and he was cowering at my feet like as if i had yelled at him..I yanked his collar and he got up and started this crazy barking..Along with other dogs in the neighborhood..Even the other three dogs in the house..I went in side and was going to wake my wife but met her at the door..She was crying because she said she had this really bad headache and it woke her up and she couldn't find me..I told her what i had seen and she just brushed it off..Went on line looking for recent sightings and found you guys so that my story.

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Credit: MUFON

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