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Monday, December 11, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Corfe Mullen, England on 1993-07-31 22:01:00 - Saw 3 lights came towards me, next i was above a row of houses, then i was back again.

in 1993 corfe mullen, dorset (13 years old) i remember walking home from my friends house, it was 10 o'clock at night and i was meant to be home by 9. i started to walk home but stopped to look at one silent bright star in the sky, but it wasn't a star. the the light slowly appeared to get bigger and then split in to three stars. suddenly i remember looking about and i was raising up above the roof tops! then, i was standing in the exact same position, when i looked at my watch it was 12oclock. 2 hours had passed. my watch was working still, but even though i thought i was floating previously, i assumed i was imagining it and went home. luckily my mum was a sleep but i was able to sneak through the back door. since i was a child, i have always been able to see ghosts, hear and sense them, since i had that experience i have had much weirder experiences, including seeing in to the future. which quite a few people have experienced first hand from me. despite my dyslexia and the bipolar, ptsd and anxiety i have developed due to my child hood being disrupted by a violent step dad, i have kept going. i have always believed something has been done to me, as i think i have had more children than i have. i have two girls, one super smart but not so practical, the other very visually creative and logically practical. both fast learners. both slightly gifted with future sense. i'm only 37 and have already started in the direction of menopause. i feel like i should have more children. and i love babies, it's like i miss babies. i even still lactate which the doctors can't explain as it's been happening since i was 15. i believe i had a miscarriage at 16, and a confirmed one, one month before i fell pregnant with my eldest. i fell pregnant again 16 months later. i've not used the pill contraception or a condom since my eldest was 3 years. i haven't been pregnant since, but my periods have been long, short, heavy ect every one is different. now i have two periods a month or a three week bleed.

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Credit: MUFON

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