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Thursday, December 21, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Osceola, Indiana on 2010-05-31 00:00:00 - Was looking at stars and one glistened more and had an orange tint it started moving strsight to the left when it stopped and came straight down slow and stopped and froze for some seconds then it went staight up fast then shot to the right super fast

It was a summers night i'm guessing june or july even 2010 around 10 pm or later and i was out sitting on my patio with a friend just enjoying the night and talking. it was a very clear sky and the stars were bright and pretty. my friend had gone in for a drink or used the bathroom so i was still out just looking at the stars. as i kept staring to the right of the sky i noticed two stars that were glistening with orange tint to them when the one started moving to the left slowly. i was not scared or freaking out because i do believe in ufos and definitely now after my sighting, but at the time i was not sure what i was seeing. so the "orange star" was going across to the left still high up in the sky when it stops and is still for some seconds maybe and then the "star" starts moving straight down and as its doing that it is growing in size since its gettint closer. at that time im yelling for my friend to come out and see this. i did not try to use my phone because i was thinking the flash would make it leave or something. my friend comes out and is watching with me at this time now and we are both sayin what is that? so to me it was just an orb that was glowing and it stopped and stood still. my distance calculations are not good so i can only guess it was a little higher than the tallest tree of my back yard at the time. behind my yard is a cemetery then a road and then a river. i am not sure if the orb was over the cemetery or possibly over the river since its in the sky. i go in and run upstairs to grab my binoculars and try to get a better view from my bathroom window upstairs but even with the binoculars all i could see is an orange glowing globe. the other orange orb stayed afar still looking like a star but did move around and was gone. i run back downstairs and go back out and its still out there. my guess is 5 minutes from me spotting the orb till it's gone. then it goes straight up pretty fast and i do not recall any noise. once it reaches a certain high point it stops and then shoots off to the direction i first spotted it and then its gone. i was like wow that is crazy what just happend. it was not a plane and definitely not a helicopter. the only people i ever told is my family. my only regret is not using my camera on my phone.

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Credit: MUFON

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