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Monday, December 25, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Auckland, Auckland on 2017-12-25 22:15:00 - Driving home xmas night, saw an orange pear shaped craft emitting an orange square light that was close enough to see windows with figures in it. and then within minutes disapear

December 25th 2017 (christmas night) at 22:15 auckland new zealand (flat bush) me, my partner and my two daughters were driving home and bloated after eating a lot of food. before we got home i noticed an orange square hovering past my windscree. at first i thought it was a street light but then i noticed this was an orange light moving at a fast pace. it came closer like a good 500 feet away and when it did i noticed it was a pear shaped craft fitted with windows and was even close enough to see three figures moving. when i realised what it was i pulled my car over to the side and told my partner to set up my phone for a video recording. and before i carry on with my story i would like to openly admit i was stoned but my partner wasn't (she mentions that she was scared and states that i am high in the video). i was panicking and was excited at the same time and i began recording but was so stoned i never flipped the camera to the u.F.O and realised i was recording my own face lol. since i couldn't see the craft i gave up recording. anyways after it was close it started moving directions then just shot off into sky within a minute or two. still in shock and awe, me and my partner couldn't believe what we had just witnessed. this is my second sighting in this area and my partners first, and after my first sighting which was 3-4 years ago i really wished i had recorded the exact time date and everything. i had to get this off my chest somehow lol. cheers =)

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Credit: MUFON

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