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Sunday, December 17, 2017

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UFO Sighting in Jhunsi, Allahabad, on 2002-05-10 23:04:00 - Sudden daylight like glow at midnight just infront of my home

My name is dr vivek sharma.I am a cardiologist by profession practicing a semiurban cardiac hospital at allahabad city of uttar pradesh state in india. this event happened in the year around 2003. u must have heard about an uproar about face scratcher or muh-nochwa in hindi language in rural areas of uttar pradesh state india around 2002-2003 in summer months. it was summer days in 2003 ...I was at home on my vacation .....My home is on the banks of river ganga at jhunsi area near sangam ( very famous pilgrimage place for hindus) that time there was rumor going on about some mysterious thing called muh-nochwa......Who moves in sky like a bright round white light .... simmilar to star.....And it has starnge movement which people noticed....That it follows people, hide behind trees , buildings, comes in dark , in night, and occasionally some got bitten by strange lights .....Victims who came near to this describe in different ways .....Some said it was combination of bright shinning blue green white lights...Which can't stared due to brightness.....Some say it's bright white light .....But one thing was common no body has seen anything except lights.....Some had bite marks, scratch marks on face,body,burn marks etc, not very grevious injury.....Even animals get bitten by this, anyone moving alone or at secluded place becomes the target,.....Lots and lots of activity going on those days ...Media making news, govt agencies trying to hide things, putting some in to jail even, police was on continous vigilence....Emergency number s displayed.....Every evening there is huge public noise....People chasing something,.....Police jeep's following something....Even gun fired on some....Some district magistrate have made videos of moving lights in sky.... immediately suspended by government.....U can read on internet about such phenomenon in detail...... that time people kept higher vigilance at homes .....Kept bucket of water on roofs and bamboo rods ....Rumour was that it uses high voltage electricity and robot like hands.....So water keeps them away and bamboo used to fight with some ......Some even fought with such lights in remote rural areas..... researchers from nasa and i i t kanpur also visited..But concluded it as hoax i wish to share in details

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Credit: MUFON

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